Top 5 Outdoor Planter Ideas 2023

March 2023
Armani Eagle

Outdoor Planters are becoming an increasingly popular item to introduce into gardens and terraces throughout the UK. It is with good reason, they significantly increase the aesthetics of almost any garden, and offer numerous benefits to both plants and your overall wellbeing.

OVAEDAs outdoor garden planter systems can be used in many different ways, and not just as a space for your plants. The options are endless when it comes to the plants selected for your planter, so you are sure to be able to create your own unique space, whilst having function too.

Here are 5 of the best ideas on how to use your planters in 2023.

5 Best Outdoor Planter Ideas

  • Use them to Create Zoning
  • As an edge restraint
  • Use them as a wall
  • As a raised/modern vegetable patch
  • Used as a surround for Sunken Seating areas


Use Planters to Create Zoning

Creating different zones in your garden is a great way to break it up and can give the appearance of a more spacious area.

Zoning enables you to make the most of your garden space, and create a versatile space that can be used in many different ways.

Consider what you want to use your garden for, and think about whether it can be broken up or divided in such a way that makes your garden more organized and visually appealing, whilst giving you the additional benefit of more space for plants, and having different sections in your garden that can be sued at different times, and give you a totally different experience in your own back yard!

OVAEDAs modular planters come in multiple different heights, lengths, and widths to suit everyones needs and wants, and available in custom sizes upon request.

Use Planters as an Edge Restraint

Using planters as an edge restraint or as a balustrade is a great way to switch up the look of your suspended deck or paving area. They can add visual appeal and create privacy to a terrace or balcony whilst removing the requirement for a traditional balustrade.

Using a large format planter as an edge restraint can also mean that you can remove any eyesores visible from the deck. Whilst having a clear balustrade has some benefits, and solid planter may be better in some instances to remove any of the unsightly things that may just become an eyesore.

Use Planters as an Alternative to a Wall

Instead of building a wall the traditional way, a tall planter can be a great way to create a wall in your garden. The many different choices of colours and finishes mean that a planter wall is sure to blend in perfectly with any surrounding.  Using a planter instead of a traditional wall also gives you the benefit of adding variety to your garden without taking up additional space.

Use Planters for a Modern or Raised Vegetable Patch

Another great use for OVAEDAs modular planters, is to use them as a location for your vegetable patch. This will give you the visual benefits of a planter, and the vegetable, whilst growing, will still look stunning.

Our planters can be raised to create easy access and remove any back breaking work involved with cultivating a vegetable patch. Our many different sizes and shapes of planter available will suit any requirement.

Use Planters as a Surround for Sunken Seating Areas

Using a planter to surround you sunken seating area is also a great way to make your space feel secluded and separate from the rest of your garden. The additional height from the planter above the ground level helps to make the area feel further sunken into the ground, whilst removing any additional excavation.


The plants help to bring some variety and colour to a sunken seating area and can further increase the seclusion of the area from the rest of the garden, whilst blending in effortlessly with the surroundings.


OVAEDAs Sunken Seating areas are available with in-built planters upon request.

Getting started with your Garden Planters

Above are just of the few ways that our Modular Planters can be used in your garden to create a valuable addition to the garden, and hopefully the suggestions have been valuable in helping you see how a planter could work in your garden.

If you are a little unsure of what to do in your garden, OVAEDAs specialist will be very happy to help you out with design ideas, quotations, and other technical information that you might want to know!

Get in touch with us here to start transforming your garden!