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Tectonic® Aluminium Subframe & Pedestal System

For ultimate strength and longevity, choose Tectonic®. Comprising super strong aluminium joists supported by pedestals with infinite adjustability, you can achieve a durable & long lasting deck area in no time. With a 25 year warranty, you can be sure your decking will stand the test of time.

3 depths of joist - 22mm, 38mm, & 72mm
Pedestal support height 10mm - 1000mm
Max span 1200mm (72mm joist)

Tectonic® Decking Pedestals - for timber, plastic, or composite subframes

If you are not using our aluminium subframe, you can still use our pedestals to support a different product whether that is timber, composite, plastic or a different alternative

Height range from 10mm - 1000mm
Large base diameter to spread the load
Infinitely adjustable to achieve the perfect level

Need to support Paving instead?

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