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Strength & longevity

Tectonic® Decking Subframes

A decking subframe is the structure that sits beneath your deck, keeping it supported and providing the base that your decking boards are attached to. The key to a long lasting deck is a well constructed subframe comprised of high quality materials, set correctly in an appropriate foundation. Tectonic® is Ovaeda®’s premium subframe option, and can be used with the Tectonic® pedestals as part of our new landscaping subframe system. This all-weather, durable and non-combustible material is a non-rotting alternative to timber and is perfectly suited to spaces exposed to damp, such as jetties, pools, roof terraces and boardwalks.

peace of mind

What is Tectonic®?

The Tectonic® aluminium subframe system provides a completely rigid platform for decking and paving. The easy to install system can provide many design possibilities, allowing more creative finishes – the only limit is your imagination. The system is perfect for terraces, podiums, roof decks, balconies and sunken seating areas - allowing for rapid drainage.

Reason to choose Tectonic® Decking Support
Design it your way

Unlimited Design Possibilities

The Tectonic® subframe system has endless design capabilities, meaning that the only limit is your own imagination. Perfect for creating a high build-up or even a sunken seating area.



Extremely strong and long lasting, Tectonic® aluminium joists all have a 25 year warranty, giving you peace of mind for many years to come.

Superior to timber

Superior to timber

As load-bearing components, aluminium joists are also adapted to the installation of deck structures in high-humidity areas without risk of warping or rot. Available in 3 heights to suit your preferred build up.


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Tectonic® Pedestals

If you are not using the Tectonic® aluminium subframe, you can still use our pedestals to support a different product whether that is timber, composite, plastic or a different alternative. The Tectonic® joist pedestal system was designed to make installation significantly easier and to ensure successful outcomes. The ultimate support system for your frame, providing substantial height flexibility within four stackable components, Tectonic® removes the common problem of having to order varying height pedestals for a single area. Height-adjustable from 10mm Tectonic® cradles, Tectonic® makes accurate height-setting easy, with self-levelling pedestals from 40mm upwards.

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