Can I install my own Garden Lighting?

March 2023
Armani Eagle
You’ll be pleased to know, that the short answer is yes! With little to no electrical experience required (just some common sense!) it is perfectly possible to install your own garden lighting.

This obviously depends on the lighting system that is used, so if you are considering installing the lighting yourself, use a ‘plug & play’ lighting system, like any light in OVAEDAs large range of outdoor garden lights. This will enable an effortless install, whilst minimising the dangers that can come with electricity.

Key Areas to consider when purchasing lighting for your Garden

  • Location
  • Budget
  • Ease of Install


One important area to consider when you are looking at purchasing a lighting system for your garden, is the location of multiple different things.

  • Have you got a plug socket that is available to use permanently for your lights? An external plug is best for this. If this is something that you do not currently have, you will want to install one of these. If you are installing a plug socket, try to install it as close to the location of your lights as possible, as this will reduce the amount of cable required.
  • Mark out the position of your lights beforehand. Have a good think about your garden, and look at where the lights are going to be the most effective and of the most value.
  • You will then want to plan out where you cables are going to run, and if you are burying the cables into the ground, you could even mark the position of the cables – this will help you to understand how much cable is required. and the quantity of lights needed.


Another area to consider when ordering lights for your area is your budget. Obviously, using one of OVAEDAs ‘plug & play’ lighting systems will mean that you save significant money that would otherwise have to be expended on the installation. This additional money can either be saved, or if you’d rather, spent on additional lighting for your garden!

Ease of Install

When looking at lighting systems, its very important to look at how easy they are to install. Some lighting systems will require some electrical knowledge, and may need some actual wiring. This can be dangerous, as electrical shocks are always possible when working with live connections and wiring.

‘plug & play’ systems like Ovaeda’s require no actual wiring. Installation only consists of screwing or clicking the wires together, and then plugging into the socket.

Getting started with your Garden Lighting project

Now that you know how easy it is to install garden lighting, you may be considering installing a lighting system in your own garden.

If you need assistance with working out the quantities required, or have any further questions regarding installation, OVAEDAs team would be very happy to help out. Get in touch with us via email or telephone to light up your garden!