What are the different types of Outdoor Verandas?

March 2023
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An outdoor canopy is a generic term used for shelters used to protect its users, mainly from rain. OVAEDA offers permanent lean-to verandas to create the perfect extension of your home. This space can be used in many different ways – from an outdoor dining room or lounge to a shelter for your hot-tub, the possibilities are almost endless.

In this article, we will look at the two main types of garden Verandas. Both have a very similar aluminium construction; however, their roof materials differ.

Two Main Materials used for Outdoor Veranda Roofs 

  • Polycarbonate  
  • Glass

Polycarbonate Verandas

Polycarbonate is a plastic that is commonly used as an alternative to glass. It is an incredibly durable material, and one if its main benefits is that it is highly resistant to imapact. A polycarbonate roofed varanda will have no issue in withstanding impact caused by garden objects – such as stones or a football! Polycarbonate is very unlikely to crack and will not smash, making it a safe option for Gardens where there are children, or near swimming pools, where smashed glass could cause injury to bare feet and hands etc.

OVAEDAs Polycarbonate Garden Verandas also provide UV protection whilst letting the sunlight through. This can give its users the benefit of enjoying the sunshine, whilst still having protection from it – providing the perfect play area for children in the summer months, or as a relaxation area where you can experience the outdoors, without the weather elements having a negative impact!

What are the different types of Outdoor Verandas?

One drawback of Polycarbonate Verandas is the roof will not be entirely transparent like glass. The polycarbonate roof lets through light, however it does not have the clarity of glass. However, as it is not entirely transparent, dirt build-up will not be as noticeable, so requires cleaning less often than glass.

OVAEDAs Polycarbonate canopies are available with a clear span (no support posts) of up to 6m – custom veranda widths are available on request.

A Polycarbonate Veranda may be for you if:

  • You are concerned about objects hitting the roof (footballs, stones etc)
  • You require full protection from UV rays

Glass Verandas

Glass is the most common mateiral used where transparency is required as well as being wetherproof. OVAEDAs glass verandas use 10mm toughened glass panels that run the full length of the canopy. Toughened glass is significantly stronger than standard glass and has better UV protection.

Whilst it will not offer full UV protection, a glass canopy will still provide protection from the Sun.

The largest benefit of glass verandas is their clarity. Clear roof panels give the effect of having no roof, whilst still protecting its users from the elements. Glass Verandas have a clear view of the sky, and they create the illusion of a much less enclosed space.

The smooth and slightly reflective surface of a glass roof on your veranda adds a sleek and modern aesthetic, making a glass varanda a great option for any building.

One drawback of glass verandas is that the panels can smash if hit. Smashed glass can cause injury. However, OVAEDAs glass canopies use toughened glass, so the likelihood of them smashing much less likely. Also, toughened glass if smash breaks into thousands of little pieces, rather than larger sharp shards, further reducing the possibility of injury.

OVAEDAs Glass canopies are available with a clear span (no support posts) of up to 6m – custom veranda widths are available on request.

A Glass Veranda may be for you if:

  • You want to enjoy clear views of the sky
  • You are looking for sleek, modern aesthetics to match in with surrounding architecture


Getting started with your Veranda Project

Now that we have outlined the different types of Garden Verandas, hopefully you have more of an ideas as to what option is going to best for your project.

OVAEDAs Verandas and canopies are available in many different sizing formats, varying in widths up to 6m, and in widths up to 4m. With this many options, there is sure to be an option that will fit your budget, whilst being the optimal size.

OVAEDAs outdoor garden specialists would be very happy to help out with your next garden project, offering assistance with quoting, providing samples, and suppling the products!

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