Is Porcelain Paving Slippery?

March 2022
Anton White

Porcelain paving is a man-made product that goes through an extensive heating process to create a very hard material that is long lasting, scratch resistant, and non-porous.

All the porcelain paving that we supply has a HSE Compliant Slip classification of ‘Low Slip Potential’. This means that the probability of slip is 1 in 1,000,000. This obviously depends on a number of factors; however, it does give the assurance that our porcelain paving is more than adequate for anyone’s outdoor garden living areas.

Is porcelain paving more slippery when wet?

When it comes to grip, water is no-ones friend. When are porcelain tile is wet, it does have a lower slip rating than when it is dry. However, the difference is minimal, and the paving is still classified as having a ‘low slip potential’ when wet. This means there is a very low risk of slipping when the porcelain is wet. As porcelain is non-porous, this means that it will dry out very quickly as soon as the sun comes out.


How about when the water freezes?

Ice is slippery, no matter what way you look at it! If water freezes on top of your porcelain tiles, they will be slippery. This is beyond the control of the tile, as the ice is a different surface all together. We advise you check the temperature if you think it is going to be a cold day, if it is below freezing, please make sure you take extra caution when walking on your porcelain paving area.


What can I look out for that might make it slippery?

Algae. If you don’t give your porcelain a quick clean every now and then, tiles that are close to plants or trees could gather foliage and algae can start to grow. This can become slippery, however it is easily removable with a power washer or a brush and some soapy water.


In conclusion, Porcelain paving is not slippery in general. Just makes sure that you keep it clean, and watch out when it is cold outside!


What next?


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