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Is 'Greige' a Good Colour Choice for My Garden

May 2023
Anton White
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Is 'Greige' a good colour choice for my garden?

When it
comes to garden design, choosing the right colour palette is essential. At
Ovaeda, we often get asked what colours are most popular and what colour
options should people consider when designing their garden.  Greige colours are very on-trend at the
moment, and might be worth considering for your garden project.

Greige is
a great option for those looking to create an elegant and modern aesthetic in
their outdoor space. But what exactly is greige, and how can it be used in
garden design?


What is Greige?

The term
‘greige’ is derived from the combination of two colours: grey and beige. It’s a
warm neutral hue that has become increasingly popular in interior design over
recent years, and now it’s making its way into gardens too. Greige has the
ability to create a sophisticated yet calming atmosphere, making it perfect for
outdoor spaces.


Introducing Greige into Garden Design

can be introduced into garden design in many different ways.  Two of the best ways to introduce greige
colours into your garden design is by using greige colour composite decking and
greige colour porcelain paving. Composite decking offers a low-maintenance
alternative to traditional wood decking, while porcelain paving provides an
attractive and durable surface for pathways or patios. Both materials come in a
range of light and dark shades of greige, allowing you to create stunning
visual effects with your garden design.

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Decking Colour for you
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Paving Colour for your project

There are lots of other ways to
introduce greige colours into your garden design, why not think about some of
the following:



Benefits of Greige Composite Decking &
Porcelain Paving

composite decking and porcelain paving offer several benefits when used in
garden design. Composite decking requires minimal maintenance; simply sweep
away any dirt or debris every few weeks, and use mild soap if necessary.
Porcelain paving also requires little upkeep; simply hose down occasionally
with water to keep it looking fresh. Both materials are also resistant to
fading from UV rays, meaning they will retain their beautiful colour even after
years of exposure to sunlight.

A great
option to consider for greige composite decking is the Luxxe Natural Grey composite
board –
why not order your free sample pack to get a feel for this stunning product?

If you prefer paving to decking,
then greige coloured porcelain paving options might be just the product for
your.  Here’s some great options to
consider if you are looking for greige paving slabs:


Smoke Grey Concrete Effect
Porcelain Paving Tiles

Lyme Light Grey Stone Effect
Porcelain Paving Tiles

Savannah Beige Stone Effect
Porcelain Paving Tiles


Again, free porcelain paving samples are available of all of our porcelain
paving options, why not get yours ordered!


For the perfect colour
combination, why not incorporate both paving and decking into your garden
project for something truly unique?

Mixing Light & Dark Shades of Greige

A mixture
of light and dark shades of greige can help create an eye-catching effect in
your garden design. For example, you could opt for lighter shades on your patio
or pathway, with darker shades used on your composite decking or fencing panels
- this will help define different areas within your outdoor space while still
maintaining an overall cohesive look. Alternatively, you could use both light
and dark shades throughout your entire garden design - this will add depth and
texture while still keeping things simple and elegant.


Why Choose Greige?

conclusion, greige is an excellent choice for those looking to create an
elegant yet modern aesthetic in their outdoor space. The combination of grey
and beige creates a sophisticated yet calming atmosphere that is perfect for
gardens; plus, composite decking and porcelain paving come in a range of light
and dark shades so you can mix-and-match colours to create stunning visual
effects without compromising on quality or durability. So if you’re looking for
a timeless colour palette that won’t go out of style anytime soon, then greige
might just be the perfect choice for you!

If you
would like to explore the possibility of using greige colour decking, paving or
cladding, please get in touch with us at Ovaeda – we look
forward to hearing from you!

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