How to Choose the Best Porcelain Paving Colour for your project

February 2023
Aaron Wilkinson

Porcelain Paving is a fantastic option to consider for your paving project, and comes in many colours and shades. As there are so many colour options available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right colour of Porcelain Paving Slabs for your project. In this article, we will discuss the main factors to consider when choosing the colour of your Porcelain Paving Tiles.

How to choose your Porcelain Paving colour – 5 Steps to consider

  • What are your broad personal preferences regarding colour?
  • What other colours are there nearby?
  • What style is the surrounding architecture?
  • What colours are currently trending?
  • What colours will be most practical and easy to maintain?

Step 1 – What are your broad personal preferences regarding colour?

Your personal colour preferences when choosing the best colour for your Porcelain Paving area have to be the first consideration.  If there are any colours or tones that you just don’t like, it’s probably not worth considering them or ordering samples!

Remember the Porcelain Paving colour choice that you make is important because you want to love your new Porcelain Paving on those summer evenings enjoying the garden!

Have a think about colours that you like that you use throughout your home and garden and aim to match and contrast nicely with these colour, bringing the inside out and seamlessly transferring your style into your outdoor space.

Step 2 – What other colours are there nearby to your proposed Porcelain Patio?

Firstly, consider where your Porcelain Paving area is going to be in your garden – are there walls or other large objects nearby?  Make sure you’ve thought about what is going to be visible from the Porcelain Paving area and make a note of the colours of all these objects. Particularly on objects that will be close to the Paving area, make sure the colours won’t clash. You may wish to match the colour with certain surrounding objects, but also explore ideas for creating stunning colour contrasts!

If most of the colours in the surrounding area are warmer, such as browns (natural stone, soil), reds (traditional bricks & tiles) and greens (lawns & hedges), you might want to consider warmer tones of Porcelain Paving such as Browns, Creams or Beiges.

How to Choose the Best Porcelain Paving Colour for your project

If there are more contemporary or monotone colours in the area, we would suggest looking at cooler, more modern colour tones such as Blacks, Whites or Greys.  These will make for a good match, and will ensure that your new Porcelain Tile Patio area blends in beautifully with its surroundings.

How to Choose the Best Porcelain Paving Colour for your project

Step 3 – What style is the building architecture surrounding your proposed Porcelain Paving area?

Taking note of the architecture and buildings surrounding the area is very important when deciding the best colour for your Outdoor Porcelain Tiles.

Are the buildings and architecture modern and contemporary? If so, your Porcelain Paving might look best using cooler, more modern shades such as Blacks, Whites or Greys. These colours are extremely popular currently and are available in many different shades, to match or contrast with surrounding objects and features.

Alternatively, if the surrounding buildings and architecture are more traditional, such as older buildings or countryside settings, they might benefit from more natural colours and tones such as Browns, Creams or Beiges.

Step 4 – What Porcelain Paving colours are currently trending in Garden Design?

When researching Porcelain Paving, you will discover current trends, in particular with the colours that are being in garden designs.  Gentle, minimal finishes and colours are currently very popular, as people are looking for a more modern and contemporary finish.

However, whilst choosing an ‘on trend’ Porcelain Paving colour is important, it is arguably not as important as Steps 1, 2 & 3 above, as a particular colour could be trending that you don’t personally like or clashes badly with the surrounding colours in your setting. Also remember that fast moving trends can change over time.

If you love the colours that are currently trending then it might be a great idea to choose one of these, because it’ll help to create your stunning statement garden, and may also make your home more desirable if you were to sell.

Step 5 – What colours of Porcelain Paving Tiles will be most practical and easy to maintain?

Ease of maintenance is a factor that is often overlooked when choosing your Porcelain Paving colour, but it’s really important – you don’t want to choose your lovely new porcelain paving colour and then regret your choice in in 6 months’ time!  If your new Porcelain Patio is surrounded by trees which will drop lots of debris onto the patio, you might want to consider a mid to dark Porcelain Paving colour and maybe one with some variation and texture, so as not to highlight small bits of debris.

In Summary – How to choose the Right Colour for your Porcelain Paving

Now that we’ve been through the steps to consider when choosing your Porcelain Paving Colour, hopefully your clearer what colours to consider for your patio.

The next step is to order Porcelain Paving samples!   Online images represent as close as possible the colour of the actual product, however there is nothing handling samples of the products to fully appreciate the colours and finishes available for your project.

At Ovaeda, we have a huge range of Porcelain Paving samples in many different colours and finishes, and what’s more samples are free of charge and arrive next day!

If you are struggling to make your decision from the small free Porcelain Paving samples, then remember you can also order Full Tile Samples to help you make your final decision.  This unique service offered by Ovaeda has helped many customers to be totally sure of their colour choosing decision!

Our Sales team is always readily available to help you with ideas for your garden and outdoor living space, please do get in touch for help or for a quote by phoning us 0208 159 2999 on  We really look forward to hearing from you!