How Do I Create Different Zones In My Garden?

March 2022
Anton White

Creating different zones throughout your garden is a great way to maximise the value that you get out of your garden, by creating distinctly different areas for the various different garden activities, such as entertaining, relaxing, or a space for kids play. No matter how large or small your garden, creating zones will always help you to use your garden to its full potential.

In this article I will go over a few of the main ways to create different zones in your garden:

  • Colour choice/ contrast
  • Levels
  • Screens
  • Covered area/ outdoor rooms
  • Different surfaces

Colour Choice/ Creating contrasts

Creating contrasts or changing colours throughout the garden is a really great way to define different areas or zones throughout.

Using different colours that still pull a theme throughout your garden will help to bring everything together whilst still zoning and breaking up your garden into different parts. Try to choose colours that are different enough to separate areas but linking tones that don’t look wrong in the same garden. For example, if you choose a dark grey deck for your entertaining area, you may want to choose white or light grey on another area for the screening or floor. This will really help to show the difference between the two areas, whilst creating an area that is easy to look at and enjoy.

When creating zones, using different plants will help to separate areas. For example, if you are thinking if creating a quiet relaxing or reading zone, try using taller plants or smaller trees to create a secluded relaxing area. Then in an entertaining area, you may want to look at using smaller shrubs, flowers, and plants, creating vibrancy, and separating it from the relaxing area.


Create different levels

Creating different levels in your garden will really help to create different zones, even if you are tight for space. Different levels really help to separate the areas. Dropping a seating area around a fire below the ground level is a great way to create an outdoor ‘room’ which is separate from the surround areas. No matter how close another zone is, if it is at a different level, it will be clearly defined. Sinking a seating area is also a really easy way to create the seating, as you do not need to build up, rather just go deeper in the middle.

Building areas up higher is also another method, and steps will help to zone the area. Raised areas are better for relaxation areas, as they are more likely to catch the sun.


Screening/ Creating Privacy

Creating screens is a great ways of zoning your garden, hiding eye-sores, creating privacy, and even minimizing noise in your garden.

Erecting screens throughout your garden will also help it feel much larger, as some parts will not be visible from different angles. Zoning your garden using screens is very effective, as it will clearly designate the different areas. For example, if you want a relaxation area away from those nosy neighbours, create screens that still allow the sun in, so bear in mind where the sun shines in your garden.


Installing Covered areas/ Pergolas or Outdoor Rooms

Installing a covered area or creating an outdoor room is a really great way to maximise your garden, no matter the weather. If you would like your outdoor entertaining space to be used, and not have to worry about whether it will start to rain - which here in the UK, lets be honest, is likely to happen! – you may want to look at installing an outdoor area with a roof. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space, even if it’s about to rain!

An outdoor covered area will also create a zone without even trying. It will be very obvious to anyone in your garden, that that’s your space for eating, and that the relaxation or play area is somewhere else.


Using Different Surface Materials

Choosing to use different surface materials for different zones is also really effective. It makes it really easy to create a running theme throughout the garden, all whilst creating enough difference to make it easily visible that there are different zones for different purposes.

For example, using porcelain for walkways or high footfall areas will reduce any wear and tear, keeping your area looking like new for as long as possible. Porcelain is also great for wet areas such as where a hot-tub may be going, or a pool in the summer.

Using composite decking for entertaining areas in the same garden is a great idea, as it is very easy to clean and low maintenance. It also creates a great contrast from porcelain paving, so two zones can be right next to each other, but still feel like different areas in the garden.

What Next?

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