Will Composite Decking Stain?

March 2022
Aaron Wilkinson

Composite decking has risen in popularity dramatically in the last few years. And no wonder, it is an extremely practical material that outperforms timber decking in every way, even looking better in my opinion.

One of the great benefits of composite decking over traditional timber, is that it is less likely to stain. This can not be said for all composite decking boards, so one thing to look out for is the warranty that companies or manufacturers offer. If they offer little or no warranty, this is something you should look out for as it may mean that their boards are not a quality product.

The two main types of composite decking, capped and uncapped, will react differently to liquids when in contact.


Uncapped Deck Boards

Uncapped decking boards are less likely to stain than a standard wooden deckboard. However, it is still a possibility, as the surface of the deck board is still porous, that being it will absorb water, but not in large amounts. A good quality uncapped deckboard will not expand and contract very much, and wont warp.

Stains on an uncapped board are usually caused by allowing the liquid to soak in for too long. For example, if a glass of wine is spilt and left overnight, it will have time to get deeply engrained in the deckboard, so will likely stain it. The simple solution to this is to remove the liquid as soon as it comes in contact with the board. This way it will not have time to soak in, thus preventing it staining.

If you realise too late that you have spilt a drink or liquid on the decks surface, there is a possibility of removing the stain. Start by using soapy water and a brush. Scrub the surface, but ensure you are not using something that can scratch the decking. Scrub continuously over the area for a while then remove all soap thoroughly with water. This method should remove most of stains or liquids that have been left on your deck. However, if this does not work, you may want to look at using a power washer, as the extra pressure that these exert is great for blasting away any stubborn liquids.


Capped Deck Boards

Capped decking boards are different because they are an encapsulated product. This means that on at least one side the deckboard has an extra layer of protection usually in the form of a plastic cap. More quality capped deck boards are fully encapsulated, meaning that it is capped on all four sides. This increases the lifespan and lessens the likelihood of being able to stain one of these boards even further.

The cap is very resistant to staining, and you can be sure that most chemicals and liquids will just wipe off the surface, even after having the time to dry out. This is because the cap is very resistant to moisture, scratches and UV light, meaning it will last for a long time, won’t fade, and will not absorb much moisture.

Removing stains from a capped board is as simple as wiping it or using soapy water and a brush, even if the liquid has been left on the surface for a while.

So in conclusion, composite decking boards can stain, however this is not a common occurrence, and if you wipe it up relatively quickly, you are likely to never have issues with unsightly stains on your decking area.

Removing a Stain From Composite Decking

Removing a spillage or stain can be as simple as the video shown below. If you are able to act quickly then you will have no problems with removing a stain, even from using a simple cloth or paper towel.

What Next?

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