OvaedaPro™ Samples Showcase™
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OvaedaPro™ Samples Showcase™

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The ultimate sales tool for professional installers of Ovaeda® outdoor living systems.  Contains the full range of Composite Decking and Porcelain Paving samples, plus a pre-built display rig including decking/paving, Tectonic® aluminium subframe system, and adjustable support cradles.  Includes space for brochures, pricelists, business cards, and other items.

This item costs us £180 to produce.  We charge £120 & VAT (the balance is our contribution), and we then supply FOC sample refills for life.

Furthermore, if you don’t feel you have got value out of it in 3 months, you can return for full refund.

Very neat, well presented and robust, the case is 600 x 400 x 200mm, 32kg, and designed to be kept in your van or car and use as a selling tool.

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