Composite Decking

Nature and functionality in perfect balance.

Utilising modern materials and processes, Natura™ products create sumptuous outdoor environments along with minimal maintenance.
Key features
What makes Natura™ products the perfect choice?
High Performance

High performanceComposite material

Natura™ Decking is manufactured from composition of wood flour and plastic, resulting in a material that has warmth and charm of wood without the drawbacks. Natura™ composite will never rot, twist, splinter or crack, and is very long lasting

Low maintenance

Low maintenanceMore time to relax

Unlike timber decking, Natura™ composite decking requires no treatment or staining. All that is required to keep it looking its best is an occasional wash, which means you have more time to use your decking for what it's meant for - relaxing.


SustainableCare for the planet

All of our composite decking is manufactured with sustainable processes, and the timber content is solely sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sources, which means we are part of the drive to take care of the world's forests.

Composite decking

If you're looking for an incredible way to redefine your garden area, then composite decking could be the solution of your dreams. It's both low-maintenance and cost-effective. Better still, you can positively impact the environment. We offer a range of composite deck boards, so you can put your stamp on your outdoor area without breaking the bank.

Why Choose High-performance Composite Deck Boards?

Natura Decking is manufactured from wood flour and plastic, resulting in a material with the warmth and charm of wood without the drawbacks. Natura composite will never rot, twist, splinter or crack, and is very long-lasting. There are many other reasons to choose our composite products, including their flexibility, low maintenance traits and design features.


With composite decking boards, there's so much you can do, which is why it is perfect if you have a specific style in mind. There are so many colours to choose between and plenty of finishes, so you can easily recreate that elusive natural wood look - without the added expense. At Ovaeda, we offer a range of contemporary solutions, which suit all tastes. From woodgrain decking that emulates natural wood to coloured decking that looks incredible in modern gardens, there's something for everyone.

Low Maintenance

Natural wood is one of the most sought after materials, but people usually find it more of an inconvenience when it comes to maintaining it. There's a lot of sanding, polishing and staining to make sure it looks fantastic all of the time. It's also important to mention that natural wood can splinter, which is dangerous if you have pets or children because walking on the planks barefoot can cause minor injuries. Composite decking will last a long time, and it's so easy to clean. The best thing is that people won't even tell the difference - especially if you choose a wooden look.

Environmentally Friendly

It's no secret that the manufacturing process involved in natural wood decking comes from trees, contributing to deforestation. But composite decking is often made with recycled materials, which ensures the decking is environmentally friendly. If you want to save money and contribute to green living, composite decking is a more sustainable alternative.


When you think of natural wood, it can seem like a fantastic option because it's a cheap material, but wooden decking requires a lot of maintenance, or it will lose its quality. Composite decking boards might require an initial investment, but they'll last a lot longer and won't lose their aesthetic appeal. All you need to do is provide them with a general clean, and your decking composite alternative will continue to enhance your outdoor space.

Why Choose Ovaeda for Composite Decking Boards?

If you're looking for recycled composite decking with the appeal of natural wood, we can help you transform your outdoor space into a stunning garden that needs little maintenance. Our composite boards are of the highest quality and are great if you want long-lasting decking with a slip-resistant surface. Better still, our decking is easy to install and has excellent durability. Whether you prefer Oak and Timber looks or would like to choose between a range of colours, we have the perfect solutions for your needs.


Contemporary Decking

Natura™ Contemporary decking is the ultimate choice for those looking for a luxurious, modern backdrop to their garden or outdoor space

Modern look & feel
Barefoot safe
Long lasting

Woodgrain Decking

Natura™ Woodgrain decking will bring a gentle warmth to any outdoor space, providing a clean and inviting finish with a sense of connection to nature

Warm natural feel
Barefoot safe
Stain resistant

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