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Decking Support Pedestals

The ultimate decking support solution: ensuring rapid installation regardless of project complexity. Aluminium joist simply ‘clicks’ in to place and accommodates single, double and perpendicular joist profiles.

Tectonic® Decking Support Pedestals

The Tectonic® joist pedestal system was designed to make installation significantly easier and to ensure successful outcomes. The ultimate support system for your frame, providing substantial height flexibility within four stackable components, Tectonic® removes the common problem of having to order varying height pedestals for a single area. Height-adjustable from 10mm Tectonic® cradles, Tectonic® makes accurate height-setting easy, with self-levelling pedestals from 40mm upwards.

Reason to choose Tectonic® Decking Support Pedestals
Various Height Rnages

Easy to adjust

Tectonic® Decking Support Pedestals are available in various heights to accommodate to your project's needs. The easy to adjust self-levelling pedestals are available from 40mm building up to 1000mm with the help of extension collars.

Install at anytime

Install in any weather conditions

All-weather and durable Tectonic® Decking Support Pedestals are a non-rotting alternative to using ay timber subframe method and are perfectly suited to areas exposed to excessive rain.

Rapid Installation

Quick and easy to install

Following the simple step-by-step installation guide, your composite decking area will be completed in next to no time.

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Tectonic® Self-Levelling Adjustable Decking Pedestal for Aluminium Joist

The Tectonic® Self-Levelling Adjustable Pedestals are perfect for supporting Tectonic® Aluminium Joists. The Self-Levelling pedestals are designed to correct sloping surfaces for up to 5%.

Range from 40 - 1000mm in height
Simple 'Click' System
Completely weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use

Tectonic® Self-Levelling Adjustable Decking Pedestal for Timber Joist

The Tectonic® Self-Levelling Adjustable Decking Pedestal for Timber Joist is unrivalled in its field. Designed to support a timber joist, it offers the highest compressive of any pedestal system on the market.

40mm - 1000mm Height Range
2100 Kg Compression Strength
Completely weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use

Tectonic® Fixed Head Adjustable Decking Pedestal

The Tectonic® fixed head adjustable pedestals offer a high quality and economical option for supporting decking systems on completely level surfaces.

Range from 22-550mm in height
Supports Timber & Aluminium Joists
Completely weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use

Tectonic® Adjustable Decking Cradle

The Tectonic® easy-adjustment cradles are simple to install and adjust. They are a very economical method of creating a clear space below the decking joists: improving air circulation and helping prevent rot.

Range from 10-55mm
Ideal for balconies and terraces for a low build-up
Completely weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use

Tectonic® Pedestal Head

The multi-directional head allows for multiple Tectonic® configurations, single joists, double joists and perpendicular joist interfaces

Tectonic® Aluminium joists can be clicked into place

Tectonic® Pedestal Threaded Collar

The threaded collar is designed to create millimetre perfect height adjustments doing so twisting by hand or using the Tectonic® Pedestal Adjustment Key

Ball and socket joint creates a free moving captive head

Tectonic® Pedestal Extension Collar

The Tectonic® pedestal extension collar is created specifically for the self-levelling pedestal raising the total height by 100mm.

Simple twist to lock system

Tectonic® Pedestal Base

The Tectonic® pedestal base is an extremely stable and secure support for the self-levelling pedestal. The diameter of the base is 218mm which creates an even spread for the load.

Base can be cut down to allow for placement against the wall abutment

Tectonic® Rubber Pad

Tectonic® rubber pads can be installed under the pedestal/support base to enhance acoustic properties, or to provide additional protection to the roof membrane.

Can be used under any Tectonic® pedestal

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