What is the Best Paving Pedestal to use? Self-Levelling vs Fixed Head

April 2023
Armani Eagle

Paving Pedestals are used to support outdoor paving off an existing surface. They are a very simple and effective solution to raise a patio, whether that is so that you can run your patio level with interior floors, and suspended off a terrace surface to create a patio.

One common misconception that we come across very often, is that it is ok to use a self-levelling pedestal to support a porcelain tile. We do not recommend using a self-levelling pedestal if you are considering raising your patio with pedestals.

The main reason for this is that self-levelling pedestal heads move when pressure is applied to one side. With porcelain being relatively light (in comparison to a concrete slab) it can cause the pedestal head to lift if weight is applied to the opposite side. A concrete slab has enough weight within it for this to not be an issue. The below video shows how this happens and explains it in more detail.


If you’d like to mitigate any risk of the pavers moving in the future, we’d always recommend going with a rail support system. OVAEDAs raised aluminium paving support system will remove any individual tile movement, as its unique lattice technology removes all of the variables that come with pedestals.


Another solution to this is to use a fixed head pedestal. This obviously does not have the self-levelling function that the other pedestal has, removing the issue of the paving moving. However, this means that on a sloped terrace or surface a shim will need to be used.


In summary, if you are using a porcelain tile and want to raise it off the ground, use a rail support system, or alternatively a fixed head pedestal.

If you would like further advice, speak to one of our specialists who will be more than happy to assist 😊 Contact us