Can I paint Composite Decking?

April 2023
Armani Eagle

Long story short, you can paint composite decking. However, there are a few key things to consider if you are thinking about painting your composite decking.

As composite decking has been designed to outlast and outperform timber decking in every way, it is unlikely that painting or staining is actaully required. It is made from a composition of wood fibre, plastic, and a bonding agent. The proportions of each material affects the quality of the board and usually, the more bonding agent, the stronger and more quality the board is.

There are two main types of composite decking – Capped and Uncapped. Capped decking is more resistant to UV and staining as it has an additional layer of protection from the elements. This makes it harder for a paint to bond to a capped deck board. Uncapped decking is more porous, meaning it will absorb more water and is more likely to stain. This can make it better for painting or staining, and the paint is more likely to bond to the surface.

Pros of painting your Composite Decking

  • Changes the appearance of your decking area
  • Can prolong the lifespan of some older generation deck boards

Cons of painting your composite decking

  • Voids the warranty from most suppliers
  • Increased upkeep
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Scratches become more visible

Should you paint your composite decking?

This is entirely up to you. However, we do not recommend painting or staining composite decking, as it is more than likely that painting a composite deck will void its warranty. This means that any benefits you get that come with a warranty will be removed, so we wouldn’t recommend painting or staining your composite decking – at least until the warranty period has ended.

Also, if you paint your composite deck, you will have to be prepared to maintain and upkeep it from then on. As a painted surface will wear relatively quickly, you will have to repaint it every few years.

If you still want to paint your decking area, and are willing to maintain it for years to come, then ensure that you select a paint that will work for your deckboard. We recommend trying and testing on a small or inconspicuous area before committing to painting your whole deck. Order samples of the deck board that you have if you’d prefer to try without having any effect on your decking area.

Alternatively, if your deck is getting old and tired anyway, you could consider replacing it altogether with a new composite deck board – that way you’ll get the exact colour and finish you want, all without the hassle of having to maintain it for years to come!


In conclusion, whilst we don’t recommend painting a composite deck, it is your choice entirely and if you are willing to put of with the cons that come along with a painted deck, then go right ahead!

With OVAEDAs large range of composite decking colours and finishes, we are sure that there is a colour that’ll suit you perfectly in the first place, to avoid the hassle of painting! View our range and order your samples here.