What is Composite Fencing? Your Complete Guide 2023

March 2023
Armani Eagle

Composite Fencing has become increasingly popular over the last few years for a number of reasons, from its rot and fade resistance, to its very appealing aesthetics. It is a great material choice for many fencing projects throughout the UK.

In this article, we’ll dive a little deeper into what it is, and why it may be the best choice for you.


What is Composite Fencing made from?

Wood Plastic Composite fencing is manufactured from a combination of reclaimed wood fibres, recycled HDPE plastic, colourants, and bonding agents. Composite Fencing has been designed to outlive timber fencings, whilst having incredibly attractive aesthetics.

OVAEDAs composite fencing uses recycled plastic and wood fibres, so it is also very eco-friendly.


What are the benefits of a Composite Fence?

Further to the above, composite fencing has a long list of benefits. Aside from the fact that it is great for the environment, it is also:

Easy to Install

Composite fencing slots together very easily. It is a case of installing the posts, sliding in the slats, and fixing together. It is also possible to install OVAEDAs composite fences on to most surfaces. We have two main fixings methods - bolt down, and post fix.


Resistant to Rot

Composite Fencing does not take on water in the same way as timber does. As it does not absorb water, there is nowhere for rot to take place. This is due to its plastic and bonding components.

With fencing in most circumstances being in contact with the ground, it is highly likely that the fence will remain damp, especially lower down, so being rot proof is a great advantage for composite fences. Timber fences often rot at ground level, weaking extremely quickly and lowering its structural stability.


Easy to Maintain

There is no staining or repairing of rotten slats with a composite fence. If it ever gets dirty, a simple wash with soapy water and a brush will do just the trick.


Multiple colour options available

There is no painting required with a composite fence, just select the colour you’d like, and that’s the colour it’ll be for its entire lifetime!


Resistant to Fading

Fencing is exposed to a lot of sunlight, so it is essential that it is fade resistant. All of OVAEDAs fencing is UV stable, retaining its original colour for years to come!


High Strength

OVAEDAs composite fencing is designed to withstand winds of over 50mph! This obviously depends on the installation quality, however this is easily achievable. With the winds we get here in the UK, the strength of a fence should be a consideration for anyone.


Cost Effective in the long term

As we expect our fencing to last at least 25 years it can actually turn out to be cheaper than a timber fence, which would need to be replaced much more often.


Great Acoustic Properties

Full Height Composite Fencing is also great for noise reduction. As the panels are twin walled, up to 28db of noise can be removed! This is worth some serious consideration if you live near a road, or have noisy neighbours or pets, and would like to spend more peaceful time in your garden.


What are the disadvantages of a Composite Fence?

Although in most circumstances, this will not be an issue, we thought it’d be best to mention that composite fencing is not fireproof. This means that it is not an option for high rise projects. The fact that it is not resistant to fire is the same for most other fencing materials, like timber.

Also, Composite fencing can have a higher initial cost than timber. Over time, this is outweighed by its lifespan, however it is worth considering.


Who does a Composite Fence suit?

We believe a composite fence may be the best option for you if:

  • You have a ground level garden.
  • You’d like to have a positive impact on the environment.
  • You’d be willing to expend slightly more initially, with the knowledge that the initial investment will pay itself off over time.


Composite Fencing

Next steps with your Composite Fencing Project

Now that we have covered various aspects of composite fences, you should hopefully have a better idea as to when a composite fence is right for your next project.

OVAEDAs specialists would be very happy to help you out with further information, quotations, and samples. Get in touch with us here to start making further progress on your project!

We strongly recommend ordering samples so that you can select the correct colour and finish for your project – after all, this fence is going to be around for a very long time!