Top 5 Garden Lighting Ideas 2023

March 2023
Armani Eagle


Introducing Garden Lighting into your outdoor area can have many benefits. From making it very attractive past dark, to increasing the use that you get out of your garden, garden lighting will really help     you to make your garden an amazing place that can be used all day and well into the evening.

In this article, we will list 5 of the best garden lighting ideas for you to consider in your own garden.

5 Most Popular Lighting Ideas

  • Step Lighting
  • Deck Lighting
  • Wall Lighting
  • Plant Lighting
  • Path Lighting


Step Lighting

Step lighting as the name suggests, is used to light up steps to increase their safety and accessibility, and enhance their aesthetics when its dark outside.

It is most common for step lighting to be mounted on the verticals of step risers, so that the step is fully illuminated, and the glare from the light will not blind its users, creating a safety hazard.

When placed strategically, step lighting is once of the best ways to create a feature of your steps and to make your garden much more accessible at night – it will allow your family and guests to easily move around your garden without the hazard of them not being able to see!

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Deck Lighting

Deck Lighting

Deck Lights are one of the most common ways that lighting is introduced into a garden area. Seeing as a decking area is most likely to be the area used in a garden after dark, it makes total sense to have adequate lighting to increase your decks safety and aesthetics.

There are varied sizes, colours and strengths to choose from, and you must consider what works best for your area. Ensuring that the light are not too bright for any light point upward will ensure that your decks users will not be dazzled by the lighting – we’d recommend using stronger lights in a vertical position as these are more likely to light up the deck area better.

Deck lighting also adds another dimension to your decking area. Warm lighting will make it a much more inviting space after dark, and will help you to make the most out of your decking area.

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Wall Lighting

Wall Lighting

Wall lighting is becoming in increasingly popular way of enhance the aesthetics of external walls at night. Choosing the correct beam angle, colour and strength of light can make your wall into a feature of its own.

Lighting can be used to create shapes and patterns on your wall, and can be mounted directly to the wall itself, or set into the ground just in front to shine upwards onto the wall/

An obvious benefit of wall lighting is that it dramatically increases the aesthetic appeal of a wall. In the dark without lighting, it is possible that a wall can’t even be seen – adding some lights will create depth to your garden, and turn your wall into another attractive element of your garden.

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Plant Lighting

Plant Lighting

Plant Lighting is used to light up and create a feature of plants, trees, and other foliage in a garden. Plant lighting usually comes in the form of an up-light set unto the ground, which emits light upwards to give the plant a warm glow and bring out its features.

Thinking about where you place your plant lighting is very important. Ensure the lights are located in areas where they bring out the best plants at night. After all, its unlikely that you are planning on lightening up every plant in the garden, so choose the plants and trees that will stand out best at night.

Lighting up your trees and shrubs will also help to illuminate the space in general, as the light that emits from the lit-up plants will help to create a more inviting space on evenings after dark.

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Path Lighting

Path Lighting

Path lighting can be created using different lighting depending on the intended effect. Path lighting can be set into the path itself, installed vertically along a parallel wall or fascia, or if using post lights, shine down on the path from above. Each method can have a different effect on the visuals of a path, but all are sure to increase your garden paths aesthetic appeal and safety - a well-lit path is very unlikely to cause any trip hazards at night.

Ensuring that your lighting is set regularly or with a consistent patter will help to make your garden look well thought out and planned, as irregular lighting will look unattractive and rushed. Take your time to consider the best path lighting locations and options for you, ensuring that your selected lights give you your desired outcome.

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Getting started with Garden Lighting

Now that you’ve had a look at the different lighting ideas and options, you will want to carefully consider what is going to work best for your area. OVAEDAs lighting specialists are very happy to assist with planning and quoting for your garden – contact us here to get started!