Can Gardening Or Spending Time In The Garden Benefit Mental Health?

April 2022
Anton White

Being in a colourful, fresh garden on a warm summers day is an incredible feeling. Hearing the birds chirping, watching the bees buzzing, and looking after your plants is actually very good for your mental health. Recently, mental health in us all has become a lot more important. We realise that doing the most simple things can keep our minds occupied and just getting out and about can help improve our health and wellbeing. Staying indoors when the sun is shining can feel like a huge waste of time.

For a start, working in the garden in one way or another is good exercise. Spending time planting flowers, or even something like building a deck area in your garden can burn calories. This actually releases something called ‘endorphins’, these make you feel satisfied, happy, and relaxed. This can help boost your self-esteem, help with weight-loss, and even help you sleep better!

Gardening can also help give purpose or a sense of worth to someone with a mental illness, as they will have responsibility in a garden. Watering and caring for plants, or just general maintenance in the garden can really help, as it is something that if it not done, your garden could fall to ruin, with plants dying because you haven’t watered them.

It is also very therapeutic spending time in the garden – you can forget about all the stresses in life and just focus on the moment. If you are building something, or planting, or chopping, you will be able to forget about the smaller problems in life and give your mind a break from the busy lives we all lead.

Gardening helps us to reconnect with nature. A lot of time in our lives is spent staring at screens, in towns and cities where there is little greenery. Spending time outside in a green environment can help us to relax and destress.

What can I do to spruce things up?

Perhaps a lovely deck or paving area to enjoy spending time in the garden on? If so – we’ve got you covered! At OVAEDA, we offer composite decking, porcelain paving and support systems so that you can create your dream garden with very little effort. Perhaps you want to install one to destress! We can provide installation guides and videos to help you along the way.


What now?

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