Tectonic® Recycled Black Plastic Decking Subframe Joist 100mm
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Tectonic® Recycled Black Plastic Decking Subframe Joist 100mm

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Tectonic® Recycled Plastic Decking Subframe Joist offers a durable and sustainable decking base solution. This joist is available in 2 sizes - 100mm x 50mm x 3m or 100 x 40mm x 3.15m and made of recycled plastic. It is designed to provide improved stability and strength to decking projects. With its robust construction, it is an ideal joist for both commercial and domestic installations.

100mm x 50mm x 3m
£54.84 £34.80
100mm x 40mm x 3.15m
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Environmentally Friendly
Manufactured from 100% Recycled Plastic
Locally Produced
Manfacured in the UK
DIY Friendly
Quick & simple to install
Extruded Plastic

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Why use plastic joist?
Plastic joist are a cost effective joist that will not rot like timber
How far can a plastic joist span?
The reason we do not offer a composite joist is down to the fact that a composite joist will sag over a relativly short period of time due to water being asborbed by the timber content in the joist. As plastic joist do not have timber in them, the do not sag in the same way.
How far can a plastic joist span?
the 50x50 joist can span 400mm, the 100x50 joist can span 900mm and 125x50 joist can span 1.2m

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