Tectonic® Paving Edge Steel Spring Clips
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Tectonic® Paving Edge Steel Spring Clips

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Tectonic® Paving Edge Steel Spring Clips are used to create a gap between the slab and the wall. This stops any damage to the Porcelain Paving slabs.

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FREE delivery (3-5 day lead)*. We hold all of our material in stock, so once your order is placed, we are able to arrange the next available delivery slot in your area. If you would prefer to delay your delivery for a more suitable time, please ask a member of the sales team on 0208 159 2999 or by emailing sales@ovaeda.com. Large deliveries are to the property kerbside, a person must be present to help unload goods if required and sign for receipt. For full terms of our deliveries please read our terms and conditions.


What are edge spring clips for?
Edge spring clips are designed to sit ontop of a paving pedestal and act as a barrier between your perimeter wall (if you have one) and the porcelain paving to create a nice finish just away from the wall to protect the porcelain paving tiles from damage
What pedestals do the spring clips work with?
The edge spring clips work with both the self-levelling and fixed paving pedestals with both 2mm and 4mm spacing tabs
Do you use edge spring clips on a rail system?
No, the rail system has other products within the system to protect the tile from damage
How many will I need?
You will just need 1 clip per pedestal for every pedestal adjacent to any wall you may have.

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