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Cove Corner Sofa Group | Lead Chine

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Luxurious cushions sit on top of the toning framework, which extends beyond to create floating side tables. A matching square coffee table completes the set.

Length of Each Side - H76cm x L277cm x D83cm

Left and Right Hand Sofa - H76cm x W162cmcm x D83cm

Curved Corner Piece - H76cm x W161cm x D94cm

Spray Stone Coffee Table - W100cm x D100cm x H37cm

Side Shelve - L81cm x W28cm

1x Left Hand Sofa

1x Right Hand Sofa

1x Curved Corner Piece

1x Spray Stone Coffee Table - Square

2x Side Shelves

Includes FREE Winter Cover

  • La Vita High Performance Fabric
  • Fabric made of Solution Dyed Acrylic
  • Cushion Filling - Quick Dry Foam
  • Frame - Powder Coated Aluminium
  • Table Glass - Spray Stone Tempered Glass
  • Leave outside all year round
  • Integrated Side Shelves

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