Aluminium Paving Support System
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Aluminium Paving Support System

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27mm height top rail
25mm height lower rail
60mm height lower rail
Paving End Stop (10 per pack)
Paving Side Stop (10 per pack)
13mm screw for connecting top & lower rail (200 per pack)
Cross Spacer 2mm (50 per pack)
Cross Spacer 4mm (50 per pack)
Straight Spacer 2mm (50 per pack)
Straight Spacer 4mm (50 per pack)
T-Spacer 2mm (50 per pack)
T-Spacer 4mm (50 per pack)

The Rocco Aluminium Paving Support System provides a completely rigid platform for paving slabs.

Super-strong aluminium joists overlap to create a lattice framework which gives the maximum possible level of support.

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