Landscape Frame System

It's what is underneath that counts.

Never truer than with landscape finishes. Our revolutionary Landscape Framing System makes for rapid installation and long lasting beautiful outdoor spaces.
Key features
What makes the Tectonic® system the perfect choice?
Engineered Solution

Engineered SolutionPrecision manufactured

The revolutionary Tectonic® Landscape Framing system is designed to make constructing incredible outdoor spaces easier. By the time the materials are delivered, a lot of the hard work has already been done.

Extremely Versatile

Extremely VersatileModular construction

With this completely modular system, you can create almost any landscaped area imaginable. From paving or decking areas, to planters, walls, and barbecue shelters, the Tectonic® system is unparalleled in its versatility.

Rapid Installation

Rapid InstallationWithout the mess

Where conventional construction methods require a lot of mess with excavations, hardcore and building walls with mortar and blocks, the Tectonic® system creates no mess. Furthermore, installation is significantly faster than traditional methods.


Steel Frame System

Tectonic® steel frames are available in standard sizes up to 1200 x 2400mm or can be manufactured bespoke to suit your specific project, and is supplied with all necessary fasteners & accessories. Install as a substructure for decking, paving, cladding, and many other landscape finishes.

Free-draining, allowing installation flush with internal floors
Dry installation - No mortar or earthmoving required
Rapid installation - Much faster than conventional methods

Support Pedestals

Tectonic® support pedestals are used to support the steel frame system, meaning levels do not need to be raised with sub-base materials. Rapidly create a perfectly levelled raised area for outdoor living enjoyment

Infinitely adjustable for a millimetre perfect installation
Creates void underneath for running cables & services
Pedestals available up to 1000mm high

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