What is Stone Effect Porcelain Paving?

March 2022
Armani Eagle

In the last few years, one of the hottest trends in the garden landscaping and home improvement scene has been porcelain paving.  Being almost entirely non-porous (doesn’t absorb moisture) means it is doesn’t stain or fade, so it is incredibly low maintenance when compared to other types of paving such as traditional concrete paving and natural stone paving.  As well as this, the colours and finishes available are virtually endless!  At Ovaeda, we have categorised our range into three subranges to help the customer to choose, take a look here. Stone Effect Porcelain Paving is one the most common types of porcelain paving on the market, and it is the one that is most readily available in the most colours and variations. We often get asked the question as to how realistic our stone effect porcelain paving really is... It is of course not 100% accurate to natural stone, however it is extremely close! Not every tile has the same finish, they are printed with variations throughout to give that realism and variation that you get with a natural stone tile.



Can you tell the difference? Which one do you think is natural and which is porcelain?

Well I’ll tell you, the one on the left is real natural stone, and the one on the right – well that’s the porcelain! What do you think looks the best?

Stone Effect Porcelain Paving is similar to other types of porcelain paving in that it is normally 20mm thick and is made of exactly the same material as Concrete Finish or Wood Effect porcelain paving.  The difference is in the surface texture, in the manufacturing process an incredibly realistic Stone Effect texture is ‘printed’ onto the tile, giving the product a warm and traditional stone look, but with all the low maintenance benefits associated with Porcelain paving.

There is a huge range of great products available on the market, some of the original stone finish porcelain paving on the market is only available as 60x60cm square tiles, but we supply our stone effect porcelain in a range of sizes as below:

  • 600x600mm
  • 800x800mm
  • 600x900mm
  • 600x1200mm

As with all 2cm thick porcelain, our porcelain tiles can be either installed with the conventional mortar bedding method, or onto one of our sturdy subframe systems which allows drainage through the tile gaps and also you can run services underneath.  Take a look… 

So, if you’re looking for a stunning finish to your new outdoor space have a look online at what is available, as always be careful about the quality of the some of the very cheapest products.  We’d love you to have a look at our beautiful range too 😊… Click here

What Next?

Now that you've read more about Porcelain Paving, you may begin thinking about using it as an option for your garden or balcony. With so many options available, we know it can seem like a big decision to make. Why not begin by ordering one of our free sample boxes to help you choose which style will best suit you?

You can also call us on 0208 159 2999 or send us an email to sales@ovaeda.com to get quotes, guidance and any technical support with your plans. If you think you will require the help of a professional installer, we are happy to recommend one to assist.