Top 5 Garden Features for 2022

April 2022
Armani Eagle

Everyone is spending more and more time in the garden these days, and in this article, I will give you some of the best ideas and features to consider in your garden. These are not ‘must-haves’ as most articles talk about, as they are not always achievable in every garden! Each garden can be amazing in its own way when it is taken into careful consideration, with the right features in the right places.


The 5 features that should be considered when designing your garden are:

  • Decking/Paving area
  • Plants
  • Water Features
  • Shelters
  • Heat Source


Feature #1 – Decking/ Paving area

In my opinion, all gardens need a hard surface for furniture and relaxing. A decking or paving area is a great place to start when designing/ upgrading your garden. Once installed, it will provide a place for entertaining, relaxing, a place for a pool/ hot tub, and a clean space for the kids to play.

If you enjoy entertaining family and friends, a deck is one of the best investments you can make. It provides a place for the furniture, tables, and a place to cook. It will be a social centre-point of your garden and is a place none of your visitors will have to worry about getting dirty feet.

Decking and paving areas, depending on the materials chosen, are incredibly low maintenance, and whilst being a great attraction in your garden, require little upkeep and will provide an entertainment space for years to come. This obviously does depend on the material choice. Natural materials such as wood and stone are high maintenance and will require looking after often to keep them in good condition.

If you want your decking or patio are to be low maintenance and stay in its original condition for years to come, I recommend going with materials such as porcelain and composite. As these are deigned to be as low maintenance as possible, and the odd blast with a pressure washer will keep them looking as good as new.


Feature #2 – Plants

Every garden needs some greenery to make it a garden, right? Without plants of some kind, you garden will become a ‘yard’ that is unattractive and not an enjoyable place to spend time in. Plants and greenery bring colour and life to gardens and should definitely be considered as a feature themselves.

Bright and colourful plants and flowers are sure to lift the mood, even when it is a dim, rainy day. Even looking through the window into a colourful vibrant garden is a pleasure.

Choosing the right plants for your garden does require a bit of research. You will want to think about what you want the final result to be. Are you looking for something modern and contemporary? Or more traditional?

If you want to go down the low-maintenance route, opt for plants that don’t require a lot of care and attention, and will withstand the elements. Depending on where you live in the UK, different plants will thrive better than others, so just because a plant doesn’t work for one, it may do for you.


Feature #3 – Water Features

If you can afford it, a water feature is a great option for any garden of any size. They create a focal point in a garden, and there are so many options available.

Water features create a sense of calm and tranquillity. The rushing noise of the water is a great addition to any garden, and the movement of the water creates a mesmerising affect.

Water features can even reduce stress levels and will also help with anxiety.

There are so many options available, most of which are low maintenance. Ponds and streams are usually higher maintenance as you have to deal with plants, frogs, and even fish. These will require feeding, and cleaning of the ponds. However, it can be very satisfying, and introduces even more life into your garden.

With children around, it is probably best to avoid ponds and stick to other water features such as fountains. These are readily available in all sorts of shapes and sizes and will suit any style of garden.


Feature #4 – Shelters/ Pergolas

Having a shelter in your garden in Britain is certainly advisable. If we’re honest, our weather is unpredictable! Installing a pergola, shelter, or garden room into your garden is a great way to ensure you’re not caught out by those sneaky rainstorms! Pergolas are great spaces for entertaining guests and create a zone that feels connected with the garden but is still protected from the elements.

Pergolas range in price, but you are sure to find one to suit your style, requirements, and price range.

They extend your living space, allowing you to keep furniture, decorations, and other items outside without having to worry about them being affected by water or sun damage.

When it gets hot, pergolas provide shelter from the sun, a calm place in the outdoors that can still be relaxing and restful, even in the hot sun.

When choosing your pergola, ensure that you think about what you are going to use it for. Choose a size that doesn’t look too big in your garden but is big enough to accommodate your requirements. Think about how many guests you will want to have, how much furniture you want to store, or whether you are looking to include a fire pit or similar.


Feature #5 – Heat Source

There’s nothing quite like the sitting outside with friends and family on a warm summer evening as the sun goes down, and lighting the firepit in the middle to bring extra warmth, light and happiness can only make the experience and memories all the more special!

Having a good, safe heat source in your garden will mean that you can enjoy your garden for much more of the year. In fact, using it all year round becomes a possibility. Combining a fire pit with a pergola in effect creates an extension of your home. It can become a go-to room for calm, clear evenings so you can spend time outside and enjoy your garden. Fire pits are a relatively inexpensive addition to your garden that will really enhance your garden experience, by adding light and heat, and a bit of style.


Including some of the above features will really help you to be able to make your garden stand out and will ensure that it can be enjoyed year-round. After reading this, are you thinking of starting to transform your garden? Are you looking for a decking or patio area to start with? After all, it is always best to start transforming your garden with the ‘hard’ landscaping, and then go on to the ‘soft’ landscaping.

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