Should I use Composite Decking around my Swimming Pool or Swim Spa? 4 reasons why it is a great choice

February 2023
Armani Eagle

If you are considering building a swimming pool or a swim spa in your garden, or already have a pool and are looking to renovate it, you need to consider what you will surround your pool with.

Composite Decking is becoming a popular choice for pool-owners throughout the UK for a number of reasons. In this blog, we will highlight reasons why composite decking is a great choice for pool surrounds decking to surround your pool, so that you can make the decision whether it is the best material for your garden.


4 Reasons why Composite Decking is a good choice for Pool & Swim Spa Surrounds

  • Water Resistant
  • Resistant to UV
  • Aesthetically Appealing
  • Slip Resistant


Water Resistant

Areas surrounding Swimming Pools and Swim Spas are very likely to be in contact with water for much of the time! This means it is essential that whatever material you select for around your pool, you must ensure that it is resistant to being near water.

One great benefit of composite decking over some other deck materials like timber, is that it is resistant to water. Composite decking is made up of a combination of wood fibres and plastic, making them highly resistant to moisture. A great way to ensure that the board you choose for your pool surround is even more resistant to water and moisture, is to choose a capped composite decking board. Ovaeda’s capped boards come with a 25 year warranty to give you peace of mind! A capped composite decking board is more resistant to water because it has a solid plastic encapsulation layer around its edges. Being near a pool, you will want to make sure it is capped on all four sides, this is worth noting, as some companies, like Trex for example, cap only the top of their boards, making them more susceptible to moisture than Ovaeda’s capped composite decking boards.

Water resistant composite decking will not rot like a traditional timber decking board, making it a great choice to surround your swimming pool with.


Resistant to UV

Most swimming pools or swim spas are placed in such a spot that they receive direct sunlight, so that its users can enjoy the outdoors from the pleasure of their own pool. However, as nice as sunshine is, it can wreak havoc on surfaces that it will be directly in contact with. The UV rays from the sun can damage some surfaces – you will want to look out for this.

Ovaeda’s Woodgrain Composite Deck Board is what is known as UV stabilized. This means that once it has adjusted to the outdoor environment, it is very unlikely to fade further, keeping your pool area looking great for years to come.


Aesthetically Appealing

Choosing the correct surrounding materials for your pool area is very important in ensuring that the finished project looks as amazing as it deserves to be.

Another great benefit of composite decking is that it is very aesthetically pleasing. Composite decking comes in many colours and finishes, meaning that there is something for everyone.

Choosing composite decking for your pool surround will give a finish like no other material can provide. It provides clean, minimalistic lines that are sure to blend in with even the most modern of homes. Our Grey composite decking is very popular in modern and contemporary applications, and our brown colours are more popular in more traditional applications. However this is not always the case! The finish you select is entirely up to you.


Slip Resistant

It is extremely important that areas around swimming pools and swims spas are not slippery. Accidentally falling into pools can be tragic, especially for children, so it is vitally important that you choose a surface that is resistant to slip.

Areas surrounding swimming pools or swim spas are very often wet from the pool water, meaning that any surface selected must be carefully evaluated to see whether it still performs well in wet conditions.

Composite decking is a good choice for this as it is generally rated as being low slip – all of Ovaeda’s composite decking boards are rated as low slip, meaning that they are a great choice for pool surrounds. This is actually one of the main benefits of composite decking over timber decking – it is designed with being low-slip in mind. As we have covered further up, composite decking is resistant to moisture, and will not have the slippery finish that comes with timber decking.


Composite decking is one of the few materials out there that is suitable for a deck surround, and has many benefits that make it on of the most suitable materials for your area. Its easy to maintain, safe, looks great, and will last for years to come.

Why not begin your journey of having an incredible pool surround by ordering some samples? These will really help you with getting a feel for the actual realism and colour of the board, so that you can match your new pool deck area in with the surroundings perfectly.