Refer A Friend

February 2022
Armani Eagle

OVAEDA’s ‘Refer-A-Friend’ – receive 3% of anyone’s orders in cash!


Are you happy with the products that you have received from us? If so, we’re sure you’d like to hear about our refer-a-friend programme. If you have any neighbours, friends or family that are looking to build a new outdoor living area in their garden, and they order our products, you can both receive 3% of the order value! For example, if you friend was to place a £3000 order, they would receive £90 off their order, and you would also receive £90 in cash!


How does our refer a friend scheme work?

  • Make sure you have placed an order with us (it must have been delivered 30 days prior to referring a friend)
  • Fill out our form
  • Your friend then places an order over £500, making you both eligible for the scheme – referencing the name mentioned in the form
  • You both receive your referral!
  • Applies once per friend


Please note, the minimum order value to receive the referral is £500. From then on, both the referrer and the receiver receive the 3% of the original order value.

If you would like to learn more, email us at or call us on 0208 159 2999 for more information.