OVAEDA® Composite Decking Price Guide

February 2022
Armani Eagle

So, you’re considering installing a decking area in your garden. That’s great! As with any decking area, there will be a cost involved. This is something that all our customers want to know, so we thought we’d be best putting together an article. By the end of this article, you will know roughly how much it will cost to source and install your decking area using the products we can offer.

This article will cover:

  • The different factors that affect the price of your decking area including:
    • Finish
    • Complexity
    • Size
    • Design
  • Square metre pricing (sqm) for various scenarios
  • Installation


Different Factors Affecting the Price of Your Decking Area

As discussed above, there a four main factors that will significantly affect the pricing of your decking area.


The FINISH of your decking area. Decking comes in two main types of finish that affect the overall cost – Capped and Uncapped decking.

Uncapped Composite Decking boards are typically cheaper. They are resistant to moisture and still very hard wearing, but they do not have the same protection level as a fully encapsulated board. During the first few months of laying the boards, the colours made fade a small amount. The estimated lifespan for a traditional uncapped board is still between 10-20 years! If well maintained, we would expect it to last even longer! So if you are looking to work within a smaller budget, then this may be the perfect board for you. It costs £40-£65 per sqm. This price obviously can vary depending on the supplier. OVAEDA offers this board for £53 per sqm.

Capped Composite Decking boards are encapsulated in a durable outer shell which is entirely resistant to moisture and prevents the growth of mould and algae. It is also highly stain resistant, making it the ultimate choice for a space used for socialising with friends and family. However, it is more expensive than the uncapped board, due to its more hard-wearing properties and the longer manufacturing process. We would expect a quality capped board to last 20-30 years. A capped board can vary in price depending on its quality and the thickness of the cap. Capped boards cost from as low as £50 per sqm, up to £200. OVAEDA offers a 2capped board for £69 per sqm.



The complexity of a project is a significant factor in contributing to the price of your deck area. There are a few different factors that can increase the complexity of your deck area, thus increasing material quantities and potentially labour costs:

Height build-up. A a higher build-up will require more material to support your decking, this has a direct affect on the price as more material will need to be purchased. The higher the build-up, the higher the complexity of the project.

Subframe Material. There are three main ways to support your decking area:

A wooden subframe, an aluminium subframe, and a plastic subframe. A wooden subframe has the shortest lifespan but is also most likely the cheapest option. A wooden subframe will usually last around 5-10 years depending on the climate/location. Both aluminium and plastic joist subframes are similarly priced, with aluminium being the slightly more expensive option. This is due to the superior strength qualities of aluminium, and the fact that it will last a lot longer. Another option is to use a steel framing system, which are pre-made frames, build to the exact size of your decking area. This significantly reduces the complexity of the install. The steel frame system usually has the highest initial cost, but lower install times and costs.

Overall, the more complex you want you decking area to be, the higher the initial cost. But remember, it will be very aesthetically pleasing and leave you with a stunning final result.


Project Size

The overall SIZE of your decking area is probably the most significant factor in the cost of your decking area. Putting it simply, the larger you want your decking area, the more it will cost you. Some companies will offer a discount for larger decking area due to the larger quantities of material required, but this will by no means make it cheaper to do a larger area. A large decking area is great for entertaining and socialising, and gives way to a multitude of different activities, such as Outdoor Dining, Relaxing and Entertaining. A small decking area is perfect for when space and/or budget is priority. This doesn’t mean to say a small area is at all underwhelming.


Project Design

The Design of your decking area has a significant effect on the overall cost of the project. There are a few factors in the design element that will need to be considered.

Whether or not you are looking to include Steps or vertical fascia on your decking area will in no doubt affect the cost. Steps are mainly used for functionality but are also perfect as a finishing touch to your outdoor area, as they add depth and character to your design. Steps use a lot more material than a flat area of decking, particularly with the substructure resulting in an increase in the cost of your decking area. You can usually expect steps to use around twice the amount of substructure and decking material as you would on a flat surface meaning you can expect the cost per sqm for steps to be double the cost of a flat area.

If you decking areas finished height is more than 600mm, you may need to look at including a balustrade on any vertical edges. Balustrades come in many different shapes and designs and can vary in cost between £50-£500 per linear meter.

OVAEDA specialise in providing high quality living systems at affordable pricing. From Composite Decking to Porcelain Paving, we supply the full substructure for both Composite Decking and Porcelain Paving to make your garden reach its fullest potential and stand out, making it the envy of any guest.

Below is a rough pricing guide for the products that we offer at different height build-ups:

75mm Build-up

250mm Build-up

500mm Build-up

750mm Build-up

Capped Decking on Aluminium Substructure

£115-£130 per SQM

£145-£160 per SQM

£160-£175 per SQM

£175-£190 per SQM

Uncapped Decking on Aluminium Substructure

£100-£115 per SQM

£125-£140 per SQM

£145-£160 per SQM

£160-£175 per SQM

Capped Decking on Wooden Substructure

£95-£110 per SQM

£120-£135 per SQM

£155-£170 per SQM

£185-£200 per SQM

Uncapped Decking on Wooden Substructure

£75-£90 per SQM

£100-£115 per SQM

£135-£150 per SQM

£175-£190 per SQM

Capped Decking only

£65-£70 per SQM

£65-£70 per SQM

£65-£70 per SQM

£65-£70 per SQM

Uncapped Decking only

£45-£55 per SQM

£45-£55 per SQM

£45-£55 per SQM

£45-£55 per SQM


To work out how much the decking area you would like to create will cost, firstly work out roughly how many square meters you expect the area. Then work out the height build-up that is needing to be achieved. Refer to the above table for pricing.


What Now?

Now that you have read all that you need to know about Composite Decking, you may begin thinking about using it as an option for your garden or balcony. With so many options available, we know it can seem like a big decision to make. Why not begin by ordering one of our free sample boxes to help you choose which style will best suit you?

You can also call us on 0208 159 2999 or send us an email to sales@ovaeda.com to get quotes, guidance and any technical support with your plans. If you think you will require the help of a professional installer, we are happy to recommend one to assist.