How Do I Make My Garden Seem Bigger?

February 2022
Aaron Wilkinson

How Do I Make My Garden Seem Bigger?


Thinking outside the box is always a positive mindset to have and there is so much you can do with it, maybe you just need a little guidance to get you started. With a few small changes to your outdoor living space, you can give the illusion of having far more space than you actually have! You do not necessarily need a huge overhaul by digging up the whole area. By adding lighting, new levels and some beautiful plants, this can be a tremendous start.

Here are 5 ways in which you can make a small garden seem far bigger:


  1. Carefully Plan Where to Add Lighting

Garden lighting can do stunning things to add space to an outdoor living area. The best gardens to unwind in are the ones where, no matter the time of day you have the space to relax - even at night. Through adding some lighting outside in places such as along the walls, overhanging and in steps, you can add some real depth and character. Lighting has the ability to brighten up small pockets of your garden and encourage people to look up and around instead of down or across, making it seem more spacious. With many aspects of garden design, it requires detailed and careful planning to make a lighting display seem effortless.


  1. Add Mirrors

This may seem like an odd choice of decoration to have outdoors but by adding large scale mirrors along walls, you can very easily create the impressive illusion of extra space. Taking something that is typically used inside is actually a long running trend, people just don’t usually think about doing something like this. We would typically do the opposite and bring plants inside the home. It is important to keep in mind that if you were to take a regular mirror outside, it may weather over time due to the elements. You can, however, buy garden mirrors that are specifically made for being left outside for long period of time as they are weatherproof to survive the likes of wind and rain. Adding a large feature mirror along a fence or wall will make your garden feel like it has double the space as it is reflecting what you already have.


  1. Adding Plants

Plants are beautiful and the strategic placement of garden plants can add attraction but also give the illusion of extra space, even though you may think it can cause clutter. If you feel that you are walking out into a dull and uninspiring garden, the use of colourful and attractive plants can very quickly and easily dissolve those thoughts and feelings. Not only can the plants add colour but also the tremendous amount of choice you can have with stylish plant pots. With garden pots varying in sizes, styles and colour, these options can also add style and the impression of more space. Large garden plants can cover up boring walls that surround your garden and removing them from sight, removes the feeling of being surrounded and closed off.


  1. Create Zones

You have different rooms inside you house so why not do the same outside? You garden doesn’t have to be recognised as just one area for you to use, so why not break it up into different areas. Creating various zones in a garden area can give the illusion of extra space as each section would have its own use. If you simply had some chairs and tables sat to one side of the garden, this will not be enough, and it may just look cluttered. The various zones that you design would be spaces like a living area, dining area, cooking area, a even a ‘zen zone’ for relaxing and unwinding. Many homeowners enjoy gardening, so creating a small patch for vegetables can be extremely useful. You can help create these zones with paving and decking as both come in many shapes and sizes for you to choose from. With the clever use of zones, you could hide certain parts of your garden with freestanding walls meaning that not everything is revealed at once, maybe use this as a quiet spot to get away from the distractions of life.


  1. Adding Levels To Your Garden

Adding various levels to your garden space can turn a flat area into one that you can interact with in a whole new way and give you a new perspective on your outdoor living area. A simple change of adding levels will add great interest to any sort of design. This is a relatively easy to do with the help of decking and paving, set upon of a subframe system. With different levels, you can incorporate all the points that have been covered, turning your garden into a haven for you to spend hours to relax in. Tiers will provide a distinct divide between different garden zones. Whether it's a small patch of lawn for lounging, an elevated spot for dining, or a raised space for taking in the view, there's a space for every need. Yet, with the consistent use of materials and styles, the whole look ties together seamlessly.