How Can I Get The Most Out Of A Small Garden? 8 Key Tips for 2023

March 2022
Armani Eagle

Having a small garden should not stop you being able to enjoy spending time out there. In fact, you should count your blessings! They are easy to maintain, keep clean, and are much cheaper to run and even design and complete in the first place than a larger garden.

However, there are a few things that you must know to get the most out of a small garden without it feeling cramped or over-complicated.

In the article I will give you some key ideas and tips on how to get the most out of your small garden, whilst not letting it feel too cramped or busy.

  • Plan
  • Use any available Height
  • Pave/ Deck Diagonally
  • Use correct furniture
  • Create Privacy
  • Introduce Wildlife
  • Use colours
  • Installing features


#1 – Planning your area

Planning out how you would like your garden to look as an end result is really important. It will help you to ensure that it doesn’t get over cluttered, as although you may be full of good ideas, if they don’t work together and compliment each other, then the finished garden may not be quite as spectacular as you had always dreamed of.

Start by drawing or sketching out the area, taking measurements so that you can order the correct number of materials when it comes to it. This will not only save you time, but it will also save you money. You will end up with much less wastage and no hassle of having to arrange sending things back.


#2 – Use any available height

Having a small garden means you will almost certainly have fences, walls or some kind of boundary surrounding it - it’s all good space, that can be used to maximise what you can get from your garden. Inside the house walls are a place for decorating and showing your taste or style – why can’t it be the same outside? Start by painting fences or walls to spruce up the area to your style, then introduce climbing plants to brighten up any bare walls. It’s a great way to bring colour in all around your garden. Use a mix of evergreen plants and seasonal ones, choosing carefully so that you can maximise bloom throughout the year. Hanging planters are also a great way to introduce greenery further up, drawing the eye upwards. This give the illusion of a much bigger garden, making it feel larger and more spacious.


#3 – Pave/ Deck Diagonally

Diagonal lines give the illusion of a much bigger area. When planning your paving or decking area, try to make it so you can run this diagonally, as it will make the garden feel much bigger and more spacious. Laying paving square to your garden makes it seem smaller, and the diagonal lines really help to increase its visual size. There are two reasons for this, firstly its harder to gauge the size of a diagonal decking or paving area, and secondly a deckboard or paving slab has longer dimensions diagonally than straight along its longest edge. A decking or paving area is a really important space in a smaller area, creating somewhere to relax and for the furniture to sit.


#4 – Use correct furniture

Before going right ahead and purchasing furniture, there is a few considerations that you must consider to make sure you don’t over clutter your area and make it feel cramped.

Firstly, what are you looking to achieve out of your furniture? Are you looking to entertain loads of guests or rather have your garden as a quite space for relaxing with one or two close friends? This can really help narrow down the choice of what you are looking for.

Choosing cube sets is a great idea for saving space in a smaller garden. They are so compact and provide a table, chairs and even footstools. And once you are done, they stow away neatly into each other, leaving you with space for other activities. Also, stackable chairs are a really good way to have plenty accommodation for your guests, whilst saving space when not in use.


#5 – Create Privacy

Smaller gardens are often overlooked by neighbours housing. It can be quite hard to relax on a hot summers day with any nosy neighbours looking in! Installing a pergola can create a secluded seating area for you to relax in, however you will want to watch where the sun goes, especially here in the UK! Place it in such a way that the sun can get access for as much of the day as possible. Planting taller, larger tress is also a great way of secluding your garden from its surroundings. It will create a great screen whilst looking attractive, especially in the summer when in full bloom.


#6 – Introduce wildlife

Introducing wildlife into your small garden is such a great way to make it a relaxing environment to unwind in. Having bird boxes, bird houses and other seeds will help attract birds into your garden. Nature can easily thrive in a small garden – they’ll come for food, so if that’s in good supply, your in for a vibrant, lively garden! Planting pollinator friendly plants will introduce butterflies and other colourful insects into your garden.


#7 – Introduce Colours

A colourful garden will always be more inviting than a glum, brown and grey one. Painting fences, furniture, and choosing the correct paving or decking for your area in colours that all work together will really help to pull everything together. Ensure that any hard landscaping is in relatively neutral colours, so that all plants and flowers have a place in the garden. Colourful flowers and plants help to lighten up the area and brighten the mood. Don’t over-do it though, as too many can make the area feel cluttered and make the garden feel small. Vibrant colours help to give a positive vibe to your garden, whilst calming natural shades will help to make the garden feel larger.


#8 – Install Garden Features

Installing features throughout your garden is a great way to draw peoples attention, making the garden feel larger and very relaxing. If possible, try to introduce a water feature. For a start the sound of water trickling over some rocks is one of the most tranquil and relaxing things. It makes any garden a great place to relax, no matter whether it is small or large. The visual effects of water also bring your garden to life, creating movement and adding yet another dimension to your garden. Garden planters can also add a lot of character to certain areas of your garden space. There are many things you can do with a planter, such as add flowers, bushed, small trees and even vegetables.



So, no matter the size of your garden, there are plenty of ways to makes it feel larger than it is, and ensuring you take the above tips into account, your small garden can be one of the best places to spend a warm summers evening, or an afternoon in the sun.

What next? 

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