Garden Decking Colour Ideas

December 2023
Anton White

Exploring garden decking colour ideas is an exciting journey into transforming your outdoor space into a personal oasis. At Ovaeda, we understand that the right colour can elevate your garden's aesthetic, blending seamlessly with your home's exterior and natural surroundings.

In this article, we'll guide you through each colour's unique advantages, helping you envision how they can enhance different garden styles, whether you're aiming for a contemporary vibe or a classic, rustic feel. 

With our expertise, selecting the perfect shade for your decking becomes an informed and creative process, ensuring your garden becomes a true extension of your style.

What this article covers:

Garden Decking Colour Ideas


Black decking, often overlooked, is a true gem in garden design. From our experience, black composite decking brings a sleek, modern look to any garden - whether you're looking for corner garden decking or something with more coverage.

It's perfect for those who love a contemporary style or want to create a dramatic contrast with their greenery. After putting it to the test, we've found that black decking pairs beautifully with bright outdoor furniture or vibrant plant life, making it a versatile choice for many garden styles.

Dark Brown

Dark brown decking is a classic choice that never goes out of style. It's perfect for creating a warm, inviting outdoor space.

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This colour works well in traditional garden designs and complements natural elements like stone and greenery. From our experience, dark brown decking is a suitable choice for families, as it's effective at hiding dirt and wear.

Light Brown

Light brown decking offers a softer, more natural look. It's ideal for creating a relaxed, rustic vibe in your garden. This colour works well with various garden styles and is particularly effective in sunny areas where it can enhance natural light.

If you're looking for outdoor flooring ideas over concrete, then going for light brown is a fantastic choice for adding some life to your space.


White decking is like a breath of fresh air for your garden. It's ideal for achieving a clean, minimalist look or for making small spaces appear larger.

According to our research, white decking works wonders in gardens with a lot of natural light, as it reflects the sun and brightens the whole area. It is best suited for those who are willing to maintain its pristine look.

Dark Grey

When it comes to composite decking ideas for garden, dark grey decking is a trendy choice that brings a modern, sophisticated touch to your garden. It's perfect for people who want a contemporary look without going as bold as black.

After putting it to the test, we've found that dark grey decking pairs well with metallic accents and vibrant plants.

Light Grey

Light grey decking is a subtle yet stylish option. It's an optimal choice for achieving a modern, understated look.

garden fence and decking colour ideas

This kind of decking works well in both sunny and shaded gardens, as it doesn't show dirt easily and complements a wide range of garden furniture and accessories.

Smoke Grey

Smoke grey decking is a unique choice that offers a blend of grey and brown tones. It's perfect for those who want something a little different from the standard decking colours.

It works well with both contemporary and traditional garden designs.


Terracotta decking is a bold, warm colour that brings a Mediterranean feel to your garden. It's ideal for people who love a vibrant, sunny look and pairs beautifully with lush green plants and bright flowers.

If you're looking for composite decking ideas for small gardens, then terracotta is the perfect way to add colour and vibrancy to your outdoor area.

Natural Brown/Grey

Natural brown/grey decking is an excellent choice for those who prefer a more understated, classic look for their outdoor flooring over dirt.

It's perfect for blending in with natural surroundings and works well in a variety of garden styles. This colour is a popular choice for its versatility and timeless appeal. 

How to Choose Garden Decking Colours

Assess Your Garden's Style And Colour Palette

When selecting the perfect composite decking colour, the first step is to consider the existing style and colour palette of your garden.

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Look at the tones and hues present in your outdoor space, from the colour of your home's exterior to the shades of your garden plants and landscaping features.

A harmonious colour choice will complement these existing elements, creating a cohesive and visually appealing outdoor area.

Sunlight And Decking Colour

The amount of sunlight your decking area receives is a crucial factor in your colour choice.

Sunlight can not only influence the appearance of the colour but also affect its longevity. For sun-drenched decks, lighter colours tend to be a better choice as they absorb less heat and remain cooler to the touch. Conversely, in shaded areas, darker colours can add depth and warmth.

You should also consider how the sunlight might fade certain colours over time and choose a hue that will age gracefully in your specific garden setting.

Complement Your Home's Exterior

Your decking should be a natural extension of your home, so choosing a colour that complements your home's exterior is essential.

This doesn't necessarily mean matching the colour exactly, but rather selecting a shade that harmonises with the overall aesthetic of your house.

For instance, a contemporary home might benefit from sleek grey or black decking, while a traditional property might suit warm browns or natural wood tones. The goal is to create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors, enhancing the overall appeal of your property.

Consider Maintenance Levels

Different decking colours require varying levels of maintenance, which is an important consideration in your decision-making process.

Darker colours might be more forgiving with stains and marks, making them a practical choice for high-traffic areas. Lighter colours could require more frequent maintenance but are well worth it for their bright and airy appearance.

Evaluate how much time and effort you are willing to invest in the upkeep and choose a colour that aligns with your lifestyle and maintenance preferences.

The design of your deck will also affect maintenance levels. For example, if you're looking for composite decking ideas with steps, this might take a bit more maintenance than just a simple deck. So keep any extra maintenance in mind when picking your colour.

Test With Samples In Your Garden

Don't hesitate to get samples and test them in your garden. Colours can look dramatically different in outdoor lighting compared to a showroom or a computer screen.

By testing samples in your own space, you can see how the colour interacts with your garden's natural light, landscaping, and your home's exterior at different times of the day.


Selecting the ideal garden decking colour is a key step in enhancing your outdoor space. Especially when you consider factors like garden style, sunlight exposure, and home exterior. Remember, the right colour not only complements your garden but also reflects your style.

For a range of high-quality composite decking options that cater to every preference, explore Ovaeda's collection. Embark on your journey to a stunning outdoor retreat with us and discover the perfect decking to elevate your garden.

Garden Decking Colour Ideas (FAQs)

What is the best colour for a deck?

The best deck colour depends on your style and your garden's design. However, neutral tones like greys and browns are generally versatile and popular choices.  

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Should my house and deck be the same colour?

Your house and deck don't have to be the same colour, but coordinating them can create a harmonious look. Consider choosing a decking colour that complements or contrasts nicely with your home's exterior.  

How often should I re-stain or repaint my deck?

The frequency of re-staining or repainting your deck depends on the product used and your deck's exposure to the elements. Generally, it's a good idea to check and refresh the finish every two to three years. 

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