Do Porcelain Tiles need to be sealed?

March 2022
Armani Eagle


Porcelain tiles are extremely hard wearing and make a great choice for anyone looking for an outdoor patio that will last for a very long time, whilst maintaining its finish without scratching or fading.

You may be wondering if there is any maintenance or preparation that has to be done when installing porcelain tiles on either a mortar bed or a suspended aluminium system, and rightly so! If you were using natural stone you will have to stain and seal it at least on a yearly basis to prevent algae, stains, and damage to the tile in general.

However with a porcelain tile, there is no staining required at all to the top surface. It is a non-porous material so will not be affected by water or stains. There is no way for the liquid to penetrate the tile, meaning it will clean up very easily.

When installing your porcelain tiles on to a traditional mortar bed, you will have to prime the bottom of the tile using a porcelain prime. The reason for this is that it helps the tile to bond to the mortar. If you do not prime the underside, the tile may come loose over the coming years after being installed.

A great benefit of using a raised aluminium support system to install your porcelain is that there is no primer or sealant required. The porcelain sits straight on to a rubber gasket running along the rails and can be installed straight away, no waiting for any primers to dry overnight or having to worry about the weather!

Still a little unconvinced?

If you might be interested in installing porcelain tiles in your outdoor area we would love to help, so please get in touch to discuss your options. We have a large range of both porcelain and composite decking in stock along with aluminium support systems.

Tectonic® Paving Support System

Wondering how our support system works for porcelain? See the below video, which should explain it a little better!

What Next?

Now that you've read more about Porcelain Paving, you may begin thinking about using it as an option for your garden or balcony. With so many options available, we know it can seem like a big decision to make. Why not begin by ordering one of our free sample boxes to help you choose which style will best suit you?

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