Do Porcelain Tiles Crack or Chip?

Do Porcelain Tiles Crack or Chip?


As with all paving products, Porcelain paving tiles can chip if handled incorrectly. If a porcelain paving tile is hit by a hard object on its corners, there is a possibility of it chipping. Once installed, there is a very small likelihood of this happening due to the fact that the corners are protecting once in place.  So, if a porcelain paving tile was dropped onto its corner on a concrete surface, there is a chance that the surface will chip slightly.  If this were to happen, this tile can be used for cuts.


It is also possible to crack a porcelain tile, however due to their strength this is less likely than with a lot of other types of paving. All our systems are designed in accordance with BS EN1991-1-1:2002. This means that if our porcelain tiles are supported as recommended, they will support a point load of 250kg. Once installed, it is highly unlikely for a porcelain tile to crack, and the most common time for cracking to occur is during installation or if something very heavy and hard is dropped from height onto the paved area.


Porcelain paving tiles offer several benefits over natural stone or ceramic tiles. For a start, they are much more durable due to how they are made. Once moulded, they are heated up to 1400c. This process creates a very hard material, which is then coloured using a special printer. Porcelain tiles are scratch and stain resistant and will not fade.


In summary, porcelain paving is at least as safe as most other types of paving in regard to the likelihood of breaking, but as with everything it is possible to crack or chip with mishandling during install or unusual circumstances after installation. So, if you are looking for a long lasting, low maintenance outdoor paving option, porcelain tiles are a great choice for consideration for your outdoor area.


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