Case Study: Home Balcony Project – Luxxe™ Light Brown

March 2022
Anton White


About The Project

This was always going to be an exciting project to work on for us. Robin owned a beautiful orange brick house with a large balcony that continued around one corner of the house and in which he enjoyed walking out onto. He had been thinking about adding some natural style decking to match the style of the house but was very much against using real timber as it would not last long and need regular treatment. Instead the Luxxe™ range of composite decking boards provided a natural woodgrain look but with all the benefits that composite decking has.


Our Solution:

After consulting with the Ovaeda® sales team, it was obvious that the client needed a system that would be easy to install and not require any direct fixes to protect the waterproof asphalt roof. The Tectonic® Aluminium Decking Subframe Joists and Tectonic® Self-levelling Adjustable Pedestals were the ideal choice for a project like this. Robin was also looking for a slip and weather resistant type of decking so that, once installed, it would not require any form of treatment or sealing. The Luxxe™ range of composite decking is our more premium product as it is fully encapsulated for ultimate protection.

Once we were able to get a quick and easy quote prepared for Robin, he was eager to place his order and decided that he would treat the job as a simple DIY home project. When he’d heard about how easy the subframe system was to install and the adjustability of the pedestals, so this seemed like the best choice, saving money on paying an installer to do the job for him. There was a slight build up required for the decking as he wanted to be able to walk straight out onto it but that was again no problem.




Customer Feedback:

‘We were unable to find a local installer to supply and fit our balcony decking. We were introduced to Ovaeda and they helped us choose the correct components for what became an enjoyable DIY project. A very satisfied customer.’


Completed: 2021       

Products used:   

-     Luxxe™ Woodgrain Composite Decking Light Brown / Dark Brown

-     Tectonic® Aluminium Joists

-     Tectonic® Self-Levelling Adjustable Pedestal for Aluminium Joist


Interested to learn more?

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