Case Study: Garden Project – Luxxe™ Light Grey/Dark Grey

February 2022
Anton White


Project Background: A full garden makeover was needed to make this space seem more inviting. The concept for Darren was to create a raised decking area so that the family and dogs could relax on to make the most of the sunlight since it was an ideal suntrap. Unfortunately, they were always forced to sit at an awkward angle because of how the light shone in the garden. A raised decking area seemed like the optimal choice as it would eliminate this problem, but it would also add a modern style to complement their contemporary house.

Our Solution:

Darren was able to hear about OVAEDA through a local installer who had worked on another project nearby where he lived. After contacting us himself and learning more about what we were able to offer, he talked to us about his vision for a raised decking area with steps. We recommended he used the Tectonic® Steel frame system, as it was a quick and efficient way to create stackable layers which allowed for steps and for composite decking to be laid upon. The design created for the area was simple and once Darren was happy with the look, shortly after the work was able to begin.  

Darren had chosen the popular combination of Luxxe™ Woodgrain Composite Decking in Light Grey and a classy boarder of Luxxe™ Woodgrain Bullnose Edge Board in Dark Grey. He had also decided to run a Luxxe™ Woodgrain Dark Grey edge along the outside of the area. Since the decking area was longer than 3.6m, the boards had to be cut in such a way so that they appeared staggered. What was once a small grassy garden, is now a stunning outdoor living area in which a family can relax on and entertain guests during the weekends and in the evenings.




Completed: 2021       

Products used:

-     Luxxe™ Woodgrain Composite Decking Light Grey/Dark Grey

-     Luxxe™ Woodgrain Composite Decking Bullnose Edge Board Dark Grey

-     Tectonic Steel Frame System