Best Alternative to Timber Fencing – Composite vs Timber Fencing

March 2023
Armani Eagle

So, maybe you’re considering putting up a new fence around your property, and are wondering what the best fence would be for you. It is likely that you’ve considered a timber fencing as after all, they are readily available and very common. However, there are some drawbacks to using timber for your new fence.

If you’re looking for a fence that is low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, and long lasting, you may want to consider a composite fence.

In this article, we’ll give you 5 key benefits of a composite fence, so that you can see for yourself why composite fencing is becoming such a popular choice with homeowners and landscapers alike.

5 Benefits of Composite Fencing

  • Aesthetics
  • Lifespan
  • Strength
  • Price
  • Easy of install

Composite vs Timber Fencing Aesthetics

Timber Fencing is a very traditional option that has been used for centuries. It is visible all throughout the UK and can be constructed in multiple different designs.

However, unless you like the traditional timber colour, you’ll have to paint this to suit your garden and surroundings.

OVAEDAs Composite fencing is visually appealing and comes in 3 attractive colours to suit any gardens requirements. It has a more modern and contemporary finish than timber fencing, so will compliment any new building perfectly.

A great benefit of Composite Fencing over Timber fencing is that it looks great on both sides. The design is slightly different on each, so you can choose the best look for you, whilst still giving your neighbour or any passers by a great look from the outside!

Composite vs Timber Fencing Lifespan

Traditional Timber fencing is very susceptible to the UKs weather! As we all know, timber rots, especially when constantly in contact with moisture. Timber fence posts are usually concreted into the ground, so water accesses quickly and can very quickly weaken your fence. Depending on the install method, and the conditions, a timber fence can last as little as 5 years before it will require replacing.

Composite Fences are made in a very similar way to composite deck boards, making them very resistant to the elements. Composite fencing has very low water absorption rates, so is very unlikely to be affected by the rot, warping, and splitting that timber suffers from. This makes it extremely long lasting – OVAEDA expects its composite fences to last at least 20 years – we offer a 20 year warranty on our fencing.

Timber Fencing

Composite vs Timber Fencing Strength

Timber Fencings Strength does depend on the timber that is used. However, most, if not all timber fences will weaken over time, due to the fact that they will succumb to moisture and rot. This can cause them to blow down in high winds.

OVAEDAs composite fencing is designed to withstand very strong winds, and has undergone several tests, so that we can confidently supply it to our customers with the knowledge that it will not be damaged easily.

OVAEDAs composite fencing scores a 10 in testing, meaning that it is rated to withstand winds of over 55mph without sustaining any damage at all!

Composite vs Timber Fencing Cost

Timber Fencing is usually the cheaper option initially. This is because the materials are much easier to produce and are much more readily available .However, as we’ve discussed further up in this article, it is likely that you’ll find yourself replacing a few years down the line, which in effect, doubles its cost to you.

A great benefit of composite fencing is that over time, it is more cost effective than timber fencing. This is due to the fact that it lasts so much longer.

Composite fences vary in price depending on the height you select, and the quality you choose to go with. OVAEDAs 1.2m high composite fencing costs around £135/LM inc VAT and delivery, however we do have other options available to suit any garden.

Once you have initially purchased your composite fence, you will not have to make any additional purchases, unlike with timber where you may have to look at purchasing paint replacement panels further down the line.

Composite vs Timber – Ease of Install

Timber is a very well-known and versatile product, that depending on the method used and the location of the fence, it is relatively easy to install. However, in some instances, like when you have a solid surface, fixing a timber fencing can prove very difficult.

One great benefit of a composite fence is that it is very simple to install. It has multiple different fixing plates, so that it can be installed onto a wall, onto concrete, or with different components, into dirt.

Once the fence posts have been installed, it is a case of dropping in the slats and fixing into place – very simple!




Composite Fencing

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Getting started with your Fencing Project

We trust this article has been beneficial in outlining why composite fencing may be the better option for your fencing project.

Get in touch with OVAEDAs specialists today for assistance with a quotation, quantities, or samples, or if you’d prefer, check our options out for yourself on our website!