Best 5 Composite Cladding Brands in the UK in 2023

March 2023
Armani Eagle

In 2023, Composite Cladding is becoming a go-to choice for residential buildings of all kinds throughout the UK. This is thanks to a number of factors, including its attractive aesthetics, its durability, and how little maintenance it requires.

There are many different brands of composite cladding on offer in the UK, which can make the decision difficult for you in choosing the correct composite cladding board for your building. In this Blog, we’ve selected the top 5 best composite cladding companies in the UK, and will take a look at a number of factors of each, to help you in making the correct decision for your project.

Best Composite Cladding Brands in 2023

  • Ovaeda® Composite Cladding
  • Millboard Cladding
  • Envirobuild
  • NeoTimber

Ovaeda Composite Cladding

Ovaeda has two main finishes of composite cladding, which are both manufactured to exceptionally high standards. Both of Ovaeda’s Composite Cladding ranges are capped in a strong HDPE coating, meaning that they are even more resistant to the elements – they bring stain and fade resistance to a new level. We offer a 25-year warranty on all our composite cladding products for peace of mind.

Another great benefit of Ovaedas Composite Cladding is that on any order over £50, free delivery to your home is standard.

Ovaedas Premium Composite Cladding range costs from £67.38/sqm inc. VAT

View the full Ovaeda Composite Cladding range here - Composite Cladding

Key Features

  • Fast, Free Delivery
  • 25 Year Warranty on all Ovaeda Cladding
  • Available in 2 different lengths for maximum efficiency
  • All panels are UV Stable and Fade Resistant
  • Large range of other garden products available

Millboard Cladding

Millboard are known for their unique composite deck board, and have recently introduced a cladding board into their range.

Like Ovaeda, Millboard is based in the UK , and is a large supplier to the trade industry for their decking and more recently, their cladding. Millboard is well known for its quality products and aesthetic appeal, and the company has always thrived on having some of the best products on the market.

Millboards products are very durable and long lasting, and are a great cladding option to consider for your project. However, it is worth noting that Millboards products are known as some of the most expensive in the industry, so would be worth considering as a high-end option for your project.

Millboards Composite Cladding is only available to the end user via merchants who stock it, so the price can vary. However, it usually starts from around £100/sqm inc. VAT

Key Features

  • Aesthetically Appealing Product
  • High Quality and durable finish
  • Multiple colours available
  • Reputable Brand, with a great history in quality products

CLADCO Cladding

As the name suggests, CLADCO are one of the leading suppliers of composite cladding in the UK. They are a well-known supplier of composite decking and cladding, and have a number of different options available. Cladcos cladding is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, and this is due to the fact that cheaper materials are used in the production process.

However, they do have a great range of colours and finishes available at multiple different price points.

CLADCOS composite cladding range costs from from £39.36/sqm inc. VAT ex Delivery. Note that this does not include delivery, which can cost an additional £360 depending on where you live in the UK.

Key Features

  • Great range of colours and finishes available
  • Cheap Products
  • Different lengths available, depending on the panel selected
  • Trusted UK brand, with a good history in the Market.

Envirobuild Cladding

Envirobuild are another company that specialize in building materials in the UK. Envirobuild work mainly with commercial projects, however do supply to individuals throughout the UK if required. Envirobuild have a good range of colours and finishes available, and offer uncapped and capped panels at different price points. For the quality, Envirobuild is relatively expensive, however a good history in the industry means Envirobuild are worth taking into consideration for your project.

Envirobuilds composite cladding boards come different lengths, depending on the range selected.

Envirobuilds Uncappped Composite Cladding costs from £52.75/sqm

Key Features

  • Large Established Company
  • Good stock levels
  • Multiple colours and finishes available
  • Other outdoor construction products also available
  • Offer great cheaper options


As with other composite Cladding suppliers, Neotimber offer a good range of cladding panels that for outweigh timber cladding in both aesthetics and longevity. They are another supplier based in the UK, and have 3 main ranges to choose from. Neotimber offer both capped and uncapped cladding products at varying price points.

NeoTimbers Uncapped Cladding Panels cost from £46.30/sqm inc. VAT, Ex Delivery. It is worth noting that depending on your location, delivery can be very expensive, significantly affecting the sqm price in some instances.

Key Features

  • Large range of colours and finishes
  • UK Based Company
  • Established Company known for its cost-effective products

How to choose the best Composite Cladding Panel for your Project

Now that we have provided a short overview of each company, you will need to make a decision on what company is the best to work with for your project. It is important to consider the below points when selecting the best supplier.

Composite Cladding Price

Depending on the cladding panel you select, the price can vary quite a lot. When comparing two suppliers on price, it is very important to consider whether you are looking at a product of the same quality. It is important to note that whilst some panels look the same from different companies, the quality may not be comparable. This will obviously affect the price, and usually speaking, the more expensive the higher the quality. We always would recommend looking at using a capped option for your project, as this will ensure that you get the best value-for-money in the long term. Capped products are further resistant to fade, staining, and scratches.

Assuming you require an outdoor cladding product (as supplied by all the above brands), you must ensure that any product you look at is for outdoor use. Indoor cladding you will notice is usually much, much cheaper, as it does not have to withstand the weather elements.

It can be useful to work out the price for the full project, as the sqm price is only one part of the project. There are many other components required to install a composite cladding panel on your project. OVAEDA’s cladding specialists will be very happy to help you work out the quantities and send you a materialised quotation so that you have an actual project cost, via email or on the phone.

If you already have a budget to work to, OVAEDA’s specialists would also be very happy to help you with working out how much you can do within that – we can help you with working out what is feasible within your budget.

Composite Cladding Durability

Composite Cladding in general is very durable. It was introduced years ago as an alternative to timber cladding, and outperforms its timber counterpart in most, if not all aspects. The cladding for each supplier can be vary in its durability. A sure fire way of knowing you are getting a great product, is to look for a capped cladding panel, as these will outperform most uncapped products in its durability with ease.

Aesthetic Appeal

Composite Cladding is available in a number of different sizes, finishes, and shapes. Each cladding choice will affect the aesthetics of your building quite significantly. We strongly advise ordering samples to have a look at before placing an actual order for the cladding, so that you can compare different options, and see how they match in with the surrounding area.




















Aesthetical Appeal






Overall Score







Getting started with your Composite Cladding Project

Now that you’ve read in more detail about the top 5 composite cladding products in the UK in 2023, hopefully you have a deeper understanding as to each supplier, and who is best to work with for your project. To take your project further, we’d strongly recommend contacting the suppliers and arranging quotations and cladding samples.

At OVAEDA, we’d certainly love to help you out by providing materialised quotations, offering assistance with quantities, suggestions on what may work best for you, and providing samples for you to look at.

Samples can be ordered directly through our website, or if you’d rather, we’d be very happy to talk your project through with you on the phone or via email, and get everything arranged and under way - We look forward to helping you out however we can!