Tectonic Parklet Systems

Outdoors reconnected.

Outdoors reconnected.
Key features
What makes Tectonic Parklet products the perfect choice?

ModularFast & Simple

The simple, modular design allows you to create your own configurations to suit your external space. Tectonic parklets can be installed in a matter of hours, with no ground works or surface preparation required.

Extremely versatile

Extremely versatileTo suit your requirements

Tectonic parklets can be installed as a temporary or permanent fixture, and can be easily reconfigured to suit different layouts. Furthermore, it's simple to add to the system to further increase space, or remove modules to reduce the size

Encourages sustainability

Encourages sustainabilityIn urban areas

Parklets encourage the reduction of traffic in urban areas, reclaiming street space for pedestrians. Planters allow for lush flower and shrubs to be easily introduced to inner city areas, promoting health and well-being and supporting the ‘urban greening’ trend


Parklet Modules

Using just twelve different modular components, create endless amazing outdoor spaces. Floor-plates consists of Tectonic frames and Rocco Porcelain, then screens, planters benches & canopies can be added to create unique environments

Very quick to assemble
Completely reconfigurable
Can be installed as permanent or temporary fixture

Parklet Configurations

The Tectonic system can be used in any external space, for example:

Parklets — turn street carparking spaces into usable pedestrian areas or external dining space for Cafés/Restaurants.
Pedestrianised streets — allows for large scale outdoor food courts/eateries to be created quickly and easily.
Pub/Restaurant car parks — quickly turn carpark or external space into valuable dining/drinking areas.

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