How To Create A Sunken Seating Area In My Garden

How To Create A Sunken Seating Area In My Garden

The idea of creating a sunken seating area for your outdoor living space seems like one that could seem like an enormous task to undergo. They do not always need to be considered massive affairs, simply lowering a small section of your garden can offer a bit of seclusion and give the space a whole new perspective. If you are considering taking on the task by yourself or with the help of friends and family, we have outlined five design elements to consider when planning a sunken seating area.


 1. Drainage

By digging down to create the steps, you are at risk of inviting rainwater to gather in one place, which is exactly what you do not want. Many sunken seating areas flaunt fire pits and ponds in the centre of the lowest level. The ponds are intentionally built into the design for the purpose to gather some of the rainwater. We would recommend receiving advice from a professional landscaper before you begin excavation yourself, to save from encountering problems later in the project.

OVAEDA’s Tectonic system is ideal for creating such a project. Due to its innovative design, the aluminium railing system allows for incredible drainage. The Aluminium Support System provides a completely rigid platform for laying paving slabs and composite decking. The super-strong aluminium joists overlap to create a lattice framework which gives a maximum possible level of support. This high-quality system can provide many design possibilities, allowing for a more creative finish – the only limit being your imagination. The system is perfect for drainage in gardens and highly recommended for creating a sunken seating area.

2. Seating

Having completed your excavation, the next obvious step to complete is design some sort of seating area for you to enjoy. Typically, these would be created from Composite Decking or Porcelain Paving, so why not have the luxury of using both? With the Tectonic system, this idea can become a reality extremely quickly. You want your area to be an elegant haven to relax in and you will not achieve your desired effect if you decide to choose a cheap method with logs and stones for your seating area.

We encourage you to be as creative as possible when designing your outdoor seating area but if you are unsure where to start, or need a little help then why not head over to our ‘Garden Design Process’ page, where we can help you plan and design from the beginning.


 3. Walls 

The walls around a sunken seating area must be strong and able to withstand the amount of soil that surrounds the area. With the sunken seating area being dug roughly 2-4 feet down, there will be a lot of heavy soil and water when it inevitably rains so your walls will need to be properly built. Lay bricks of your own choice This is another design element to consider and discuss with a professional landscaper before work has commenced.


4. Firepits

Fire pits are quickly becoming a trend which everyone is jumping on for 2022. They are great for garden parties that go on well into the night, so a fire pit is great to keep your visitors warm. A sunken seating area made from composite decking, you may be worried about extreme heat coming from a fire pit. OVAEDA’s Composite Decking is all fire tested, but it is worth keeping in mind that any fire should be properly contained. A poorly incorporated firepit has the irritating habit of smoke being blown in various directions by the wind. Take note of the forecast or even consider spend a little extra on a glass wall to contain the smoke. We would again ask you to consult a garden landscaper if this is something you are set on doing.


 5. No Need to Overcomplicate Things 

While we encourage creativity, there is little need to overcomplicate your life with huge amounts of work for a project like this. A simple design can be just as effective and might even leave you with extra room for future garden projects. Unfortunately, we do not all possess the skills or resources of a tradesman, so if you still insist that this is a project for you to complete alone, then create something a little easier. Some simple steps leading down to an area, roughly 14 feet by 10 feet would be enough to impress most guests.

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